Glenn Greenwald Blasts “Fake News” Peddling Washington Post For Lack Of “Basic Journalistic Skepticism”

by Tyler Durden

Appearing on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News recently, Glenn Greenwald, co-founding editor of The Intercept, took direct aim at the “intelligence community” and the Washington Post for recklessly spreading the “Russian Hacking” narrative without providing a single piece of tangible evidence to support their claims.

The ever skeptical Greenwald started by lambasting the Washington Post for their admittedly “fake news” story on Russian efforts to hack the Vermont electricity grid.  Of course, as we previously pointed out, the entire story turned out to be completely fabricated by an overzealous Washington Post looking to perpetuate the “Russian Hacking” narrative at all costs, including whatever is left of their own credibility.  Greenwald described the epic collapse of the story as the “grandest humiliation possible” for the Washington Post.

“Essentially the entire article from start to finish. They have the this big blockbuster announcement on Friday which was obviously sensationalistic and it would have a huge impact if it were true that Russia and Vladimir Putin had invaded the U.S. electric grid by placing malware within the utility system in Vermont.”


“They induced the governor of Vermont and Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT) to make these really bombastic statements about how this thug Vladimir Putin was trying to steal the heat to make Vermonters suffer during the winter. It turned out that the malware found was actually on a single laptop totally unconnected to the grid. Then it turned out that the Russians had actually nothing to do with this malware. Then it turned out that what was on the laptop probably wasn’t malware at all. So the story just collapsed one step after the next in the grandest humiliation possible.”

Meanwhile, Greenwald goes on to point out, as we did late last week, that the latest “Intel Report” from the “Intelligence Community” was nothing more than a repeat of their previous allegations, which were and continue to be, “completely unaccompanied by evidence.”

“The report that came out today was just another set of repackaged conclusions from the intelligence community, which may or may not be true, that were again completely unaccompanied by evidence.  And when you simply point that out, that the intelligence community keeps just repeating itself over and over…without providing evidence that can be evaluated whether or not it’s true, that means you must love Vladimir Putin, that you’re probably working for the Kremlin, when, in fact, it’s just the basic kind of skepticism that all journalists should be exercising.”


“We shouldn’t accept government claims unless we see evidence that it’s true.  Particularly, when the consequences are so grave.  You have John McCain saying Russia has engaged in a act of war, Nancy Pelosi is accusing journalists of being accomplices of Russia who reported on the story.  Which is basically every media outlet in the country.  These are really serious charges and we should see evidence for that.”

With that, here is the full interview with Tucker Carlson for your viewing pleasure:



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