Gold Warns Again

Submitted by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners [17],

With all the problems right now beyond Greece and China, from Canada’s “puzzling” recession [18] to Brazil’s unfolding disaster, and even the still-“shocking” [19] US economic slump, it is interesting that gold garnered the most attention in early Monday trading. The fact that gold prices were slammed in Asian trading was certainly significant, but that really isn’t why gold is being highlighted all over the world. With gold prices at a five-year low, economists have some “market” indication that finally, they think, is moving in their favor, thus distracting, minutely, from all the global conflagration [20].

“We have breached significant support levels, we know U.S. rate hikes are coming, there is no inflation and there is no catalyst to hold gold when other markets are doing better,” Societe Generale analyst Robin Bhar said.

It is far more indirect than in 2013 when economists were positively crowing about the slams in gold, but the same basic setup remains even if almost coded; “U.S. rate hikes” are supposed to occur when the FOMC judges the US economy, and the globe by extension, quite sufficient so the drastic fall in gold is once more an indication, though indirect this time, that all will be well soon enough. You would think that after being so wrong about gold in 2013 [21] that economists would be far more careful about appealing in that direction, and maybe they are since they have so far remained, as noted above, more muted than openly projecting great economic recovery with low gold prices this time.

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