Hillary Says Australia-Style Nationwide Compulsory Gun Buyback Program “Worth Considering”

Melissa Dykes


Hillary Clinton, the self-proclaimed “progressive moderate,” (?) has been going out of her way to stump for gun control on the campaign trail lately.

On top of announcing her own gun control plan which includes the executive orders she’d sign if she becomes president, Hill’s latest comments regard implementing Australia-style compulsory gun control here in the U.S.

Via The Hill:

“I don’t know enough details to tell you how we would do it or how it would work, but certainly the Australia example is worth looking at,” Clinton told a New Hampshire town hall on Friday…

“The Australian government, as part of trying to clamp down on the availability of automatic weapons, offered a good price for buying hundreds of thousands of guns, and then they basically clamped down going forward in terms of having, you know, more of a background-check approach, more of a permitting approach,” Clinton said.

Following the Port Arthur massacre, an event many have referred to as a suspicious mass shooting in Australia in 1996, the government there implemented a compulsory gun buyback program gun control law, officially known as the 1996 National Firearms Buyback Scheme, which netted over 650,000 guns from its citizens.

Hillary said she’d be open to just such a compulsory gun buyback program nationwide in the U.S.

“Now communities have done that in our country, several communities have done gun buyback programs,” she said. “But I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level if that could be arranged.”

While Clinton’s recent gun control plan announcement didn’t specifically mention a buyback program, obviously if it’s called “gun control,” she’s all in.

Then again, as Jim said in the comments below, “First off, it was not a compulsory gun ‘buyback’ in Australia, it was outright government confiscation.”

And remember, the Clintons actually put forth a federal assault weapons ban as a subsection of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. The only reason it isn’t still going on today is that it expired via a sunset provision in 2004.

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