India Raids Pakistan, Claims “Significant Casualties” Inflicted: Don’t Worry It’s Just a “Surgical Strike”

Border skirmishes between India and Pakistan have been going on for years. But with social mood darkening everywhere, and with India making the claim ‘Significant casualties’ inflicted on ‘launch pads’ for militant attacks, one can’t help but wonder when this erupts in a major way.

The Financial Times reports India launches ‘surgical strikes’ on Pakistan terror targets.

India said it had carried out “surgical strikes” overnight across its disputed border with Pakistan to target groups of militants that were allegedly planning to carry out terror attacks on Indian territory.

In a briefing, Lt Gen Ranvir Singh said the strike — which was carried out along the line of control that divides the disputed Kashmir province between India and Pakistan — had inflicted “significant casualties” on what he described as “launch pads” for terrorism.

Lt Gen Singh said the army had acted on “specific and credible” information that “terrorist teams had positioned themselves at launch pads along the line of control with an aim to carry out infiltration in terrorist strikes in Jammu and Kashmir” and various other parts of the country.

However, Pakistan’s army said there had been no surgical strikes, just heavy Indian firing, to which Pakistani forces responded in kind.

The action — and the highly publicised way in which it has been announced — comes a fortnight after militants attacked an Indian military base at Uri, killing 18 Indian soldiers. New Delhi has publicly blamed the attack on Pakistan.

Everything is under control. A quick check shows the dollar is quiet, the stock market is quiet, and gold is quiet.

It’s just two nuclear armed states fighting over borders and religious beliefs. What can possibly go wrong in this M.A.D. world?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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