Mainstream Media’s Manipulation and Misinformation is Dangerous to Society

by The Silver Bug

Often discussed on this blog and on many others is the topic of how corrupt the mainstream media has become. Tuning in to your daily dose of propaganda has led to a general population that is misinformed and disconnected with reality.

This misinformation that the mainstream media puts out allows politicians to advance false agendas and policies, all in the guise of protecting its “helpless” citizens.

This misinformation is not only used to start unjust wars, but it is also used in the wholesale theft of its citizens’ savings. Wall St., which has long been in bed with the mainstream media, often employs the same tactics as the government.

This manipulation has been actively deployed in the fight against gold. Although this manipulation has been exposed, don’t expect the mainstream media to give up its fight. We must remain vigilant and continue to inform others.

Russell Brand, who within the last year, has become actively involved in exposing this manipulation and corruption in the world.

Although off base in some of his theories, he is undoubtedly waking up a portion of the pop culture-obsessed population that would have remained asleep, if not for his rantings.

In his most recent video, he discusses the very topic that we are: the manipulation and misinformation that’s presented to us as “news”. This time, he is targeting one of the most corrupt media outlets, Fox News. Enjoy.

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