More Signs The Luciferians’ End Game Is Tied To The Mark Of The Beast With Millions Around The World Killed Or Injured By This Satanic Onslaught Now Happening Against Humanity – ANP

More Signs The Luciferians’ End Game Is Tied To The Mark Of The Beast With Millions Around The World Killed Or Injured By This Satanic Onslaught Now Happening Against Humanity 

by Kathleen Gotto, All News Pipeline:

In Part One of this story, a brief overview of the 9/11 and COVID-19 events was highlighted to show some similarities between these two events. One thing for sure stands out and that was fear, both real and magnified by the legacy media, government leaders and others. After 9/11 the fear of war, suffering, and an uncertain future drove people to fill places of worship for comfort.

During ‘operation COVID-19,‘ places of worship were shut down, depriving millions of the comfort of their faith. Fear was whipped up by a cartel of world government leaders, media, Big Pharma, science and medical personnel and others working in lockstep to flagellate citizens into getting jabbed to protect them from a so-called virus. The “virus” has subsequently been exposed as an engineered poison bioweapon, as well as the so-called vaccine concocted for it.

If the 9/11 and COVID-19 events were planned, as many believe, for what reason? Are we really just dealing with mad men, a psychopathic world elite, megalomaniacs who are extremely narcissistic, prideful and power hungry?

It is commonly understood that eugenist globalists like Bill Gates and a host of others want to see a decrease in the world’s population and seek control over humanity, but is there a deeper and more sinister force and agenda at work here? Are we actually in a conflict with wicked spiritual forces in high places working through globalists who are waging war against humanity? We will explore that question now.

In a May 21, 2023 video, Australian podcaster, Maria Zeee, conducted an exceedingly thought- provoking interview with a Mr. Nicholson titled, “NICHOLSON1968: GLOBALIST PLAN FOR MARK OF THE BEAST EXPOSED!” (See the 1st video embedded at the bottom of this story.) This is a spellbinding exposé that takes a deep dive into what Mr. Nicholson believes are the forces of darkness and their ultimate agenda for God’s creation. His website contains a trove of videos on the New World Order, Transhumanism, 9/11, nephilim, etc.

As background to what will be highlighted from the Nicholson interview, it is understood that cults such as George W. Bush’s club, Skull and Bones, and the Freemasons, which were highlighted in Part One of this story, employ dark arts in their communications by using symbols, rituals, numbers, double speak, etc.

Even a well-known political figure is aware of these cults. In an interview conducted by Maria Bartiromo with Newt Gingrich recently (See the 2nd video at the bottom of this story,) they discussed why charges against Joe Biden are not reported on by the legacy media and national establishment. Newt stated that groups such as Skull and Bones, are united in retaining power because they are desperate to stay in charge and keep their power over the American people. You don’t hear that kind of honesty every day.

In the beginning of his interview with Maria, Nicholson stated that he has a background involving chemicals, and because of that, he questioned the media’s explanation for the fiery cause of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. The implausible explanations surrounding the attack propelled Nicholson to start his journey for truth.

In 1998, three years before the 9/11 attack, Nicholson had had a dream which revealed the Roman numerals 1XX1, but he had no idea what they meant, or if they meant anything at all. After 9/11, however, Nicholson realized 1XX1 were the numbers 9 and 11. This started his journey to comprehend and unravel the meaning of these numbers. He apparently had no idea his journey would lead to a foreshadowing of things to come.

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