Of Course Young Patriots Are Rejecting Joining Our Failing Military – Kurt Schlichter

by Kurt Schlichter

The generals and admirals are in a tizzy because the cannon fodder is refusing to sign on the line that is dotted. The generals and admirals blame those mostly traditional, conservative American kids for not wanting to join up, and this is the closest thing to right those admirals and generals have been for decades. The kids themselves have decided that they don’t want to join the current faux military. And why the hell would they?

People join the military for mixed reasons, but there’s always some level of patriotism involved. Nobody takes the ration of crap that even a competent military delivers without, at least somewhere in their hearts, the desire to serve their country. So, let’s review the status of the country that the generals and admirals demand our young people risk their lives for. Will our young people be fighting for freedom? Will our young people be defending liberty? Will they be putting it all on the line for Our Democracy?

What a joke. There are consequences for squandering institutional trust for short-term advantage, and one of them is that no one will want to die for you.

We’re watching the chief political opponent of the current PINO – the president-in-name-only – get prosecuted by that same PINO’s Department of Justice (sic) for fake crimes and invented offenses. It’s all a lie and a scam. It’s obvious he’s being framed. And it’s obvious to those young people that they would be submitting themselves to being commanded by an alleged commander-in-chief who is trying to knock the guy who many polls have beating him out of the race by throwing him in jail on trumped-up charges. Incidentally, the victim of this weaponized DOJ is a guy who appeals to the sort of conservative people who tend to join the military. Yeah, I can see how they might not be eager to die for a country that tolerates these banana republic shenanigans.

Oh, and then they get to watch the son of the PINO get an amazing sweetheart deal of no jail time for not paying his taxes and carrying a gun around as a druggie, as well as a free pass apparently everything else he ever did. Many of those potential recruits have friends and family doing hard time for crimes that the Fortunate Son is getting a slap on his wrist for. Yah America!

At the same time, let’s look at who’s getting prosecuted besides our former president. One of the co-conspirators in this massive conspiracy to keep boxes of presidential papers, which are perfectly legal for him to have, is a veteran of the US Navy. Where is his diversion deal? Just kidding! The vet is being threatened with federal prison. He wasn’t a crackhead. He never waved a gun around. He was not doing business with the Commies and shady Ukrainian oligarchs. His laptop’s browser history was not like something you might expect to see on a Lincoln Project desktop. No, he just believes a lot of the same political stuff that the very guys who the generals and admirals want to enlist believe. And he’s going to federal prison while Methboy McStripperbanger is getting away scot-free – and remember that Hunter got booted out of the Navy after one day. So, there’s the respect and gratitude that our establishment holds for military service. Sign up and you too can get some of that respect and gratitude too!

Let’s look at the attitude of the military towards the people who they want to enlist. Many are white males who know which bathroom to use, but if you’re a white male who knows which bathroom to use, you’re an extremist and a racist and an enemy and you’re going to get passed over for promotions and assignments for people based not on anything that you did, and not because of merit, but purely because of your race, sex, and normality. “Come, join an organization that actively hates you!” is not much of a sales pitch.

But, potential recruits, America needs you to defend…well, not our own borders, but how about Ukraine’s? They say there is no chance of US boots on the ground even as the big offensive flounders and the Russians – as they have done throughout history – build back from initial defeats. But you can trust the PINO and the generals and admirals, right? Just like we trusted the establishment’s claims about Iraq’s WMDs. Our elite has got quite a stellar record on foreign wars lately, but maybe, as PINO Biden has threatened, you can someday fight other Americans at home to preserve leftist power! You can bet that’s one war they would put their heart into winning.

But the military is run by great leaders of integrity, right? Putting aside the aforementioned total failure to win, and the height/weight standard-exempt transexual and “puppy play” weirdo officers who the military sees fit to allow to lead our young men and women, here are two words for you about the current state of our senior officer corps: Fat Leonard.

Well, the military leadership is still tactically squared away, right? Sorry. When the generals and admirals’ gross incompetence gets you killed, like it got 13 of our troops killed in Kabul during the humiliating headlong retreat (you can read about it in the new book Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End by Jerry Dunleavy and James Hasson), you can be sure no one will ever be held accountable. And when you get killed for nothing and your body comes home, maybe the PINO will show up to see the metal box with what’s left of you being wheeled out of a C-17and check his watch because he’s bored and he doesn’t want to miss Matlock. Clearly, the Big Guy would rather be at home in the White House, counting his 10%. Oh, and when your family wants to bury you in Arlington with the other heroes, the military won’t come up with the money to ship your body there. Your family can scrounge for that – maybe they can do a GoFundMe. But there’s no shortage of money to pay for drag queen story hours at the newly re-named Fort Angela Davis.

Well, at least you’ll be part of the most lethal and effective military in human history, right? Right? Nope. The Chinese have out-built us in ships. Their technology is better, and they are serious about fighting while we are serious about frivolity. The generals and admirals tell us that diversity is our strength. Personally, I would rather have lots of 155mm shells, but our ammunition stocks are depleted. We haven’t unequivocally won a major war in 30 years, but we learned our lesson, right? Except absolutely no one‘s been held accountable for the failures of the last three decades, and when no one’s held accountable nothing changes.

Okay, maybe the military is facing some challenges, but your family served for generations and you don’t want to break that legacy, do you? Vets will tell you that their service was an important part of their lives so maybe you should join too, right? The military was an important part of our lives, and that’s why it’s so painful to recommend young people stay the hell out of our current woke military until we get real leadership and real reform. Make no mistake, if a young person chooses to serve, we will back him or her – there are only hims and hers – 110%, but the painful truth is that our military as currently constituted has proven itself unworthy of the young Americans it seeks to enlist. This is not the military we vets served in. It’s unclear that we even have a military at all anymore, rather than a social justice petri dish in camouflage drag.

Here is the hard reality. If you choose to join this military, you’re putting your lives in the hands of people who, at the highest level, don’t care about you at best and hate you at worst and are grossly corrupt and grossly incompetent. When you die, likely because of their utter failure to adequately perform their duties at even the most basic level of proficiency, your families going to get shafted and you’ll be forgotten or disrespected. And if you think this makes me happy to write, you’re dumb or dishonest enough to be a modern general or admiral.


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