Stay in Your Box!

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Postmodernists see a society’s people as belonging to countless, walled-off tribes, incapable of understanding anyone or anything not of their own group. Reason and persuasion between people of different clans is impossible. All that is left is domination by one tribe over another — oppressor and oppressed.

While reality doesn’t yet come anywhere close to matching this model, the identity left is hard at work trying to reshape the country to fit this insane image.

Consider the way minority group members are routinely slapped down for voicing opinions that do not fit the left’s idea of what’s proper for their group to think. Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, and – most recently – Kanye West, are regularly labeled “Uncle Toms,” “Oreos,” and worse. Former Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has been shouted down for trying to tell her story and has been simply “disinvited” from speaking on campus.

The whole concept of “cultural appropriation” is little more than a way of attacking anyone attempting to look beyond his or her own tribe. God forbid that an Irishman be caught eating nachos on Cinco de Mayo or a Peruvian woman be seen speaking on a cell phone. Apparently, we’re all to become little more than stereotyped, cultural artifacts embedded in amber and placed on a museum shelf.

Yet another way to keep people in their place is to forbid “assimilation.” Even using the word is now declared a “micro-aggression,” as is the term, “melting pot.” In fact, the whole concept of micro-aggression helps create and heighten inter-tribal conflict and to foster a general environment of grievance.

Think, act, and dress as your tribe does – or, at least, in the left’s image of your tribe. Stay in the box the left has built for you. If the box doesn’t fit you, you’ll be remade to fit the box. Conform or else.

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