World Affairs

The Anti-Imperialist Camp: Splintered in Thought

August 15, 2017 0

In 2011 when his country was subject to a jihadist siege, President Bashar el-Assad’s reaction was against the norm: rather than strengthening the powers of his security services, he cut them back. Six years on, […]

World Affairs

Making The World A More Dangerous Place

November 9, 2015 0

US foreign policy at work by Chris Martenson Without any doubt, the Middle East has been a very long-simmering region of violent religious and tribal enmity. In that regard, perhaps today is no different than […]



October 7, 2015 0

JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER Senior administration officials say the new offensive holds promise and may change the dynamics on the ground. — The New York Times Whew…. That’s reassuring. Finally, a Middle East policy you can […]