We Are All Djokovic, Now

January 18, 2022 0

Author: Tom Luongo When I’ve talked in the past about the patchwork tyranny post COVID-9/11, I had more mundane things in mind than the fate of a major tennis star. Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia […]


Australia’s Astonishing Tyranny Keeps Growing

September 29, 2021 0

Simon Black In the early summer of 1798, an Irish stone mason named Philip Cunningham reached his breaking point. Cunningham was sick and tired of English rule in Ireland. And along with 50,000 of his […]


Australia to “lock out” people who are not vaccinated

September 7, 2021 1

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews: "We've got everybody lockeddown. We're going to move to a situation where… we're going to LOCK OUT people who are not vaccinated…" — Caldron Pool (@CaldronPool) September 6, 2021   […]

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