Jeffrey Tucker: Where’s the Justice?

May 24, 2023 0

Three years ago, in the depths of lockdowns, it became obvious that we desperately needed a new citizen movement with a different focus. Prevailing ideological forms were simply not adapted to the enormous exogenous shock […]


Our Heartless Medical System – PCR

April 27, 2023 1

Paul Craig Roberts A 41-year old mother of seven young children has been in effect condemned to death by Emory Healthcare Inc. of Atlanta, an affiliate of Emory University, for refusing to take the dangerous […]


Insane politicians are leading us to Hell – Dr. Sircus

March 24, 2022 0

Published on March 24, 2022 A cabal of politicians, governments, courts, medical authorities, pharmaceutical companies, multinational agencies, the mainstream media, academics, and foundations, particularly the World Economic Forum, want you and your loved ones to […]


Big Pharma’s Siege of America

January 25, 2022 0

BY JAMES RICKARDS Remember this time last year when the vax bandwagon really got rolling? The vax had been announced in November 2020 and was fast-tracked through the approval process (on an experimental basis at the […]


War on God & God’s Going to Win – Catherine Austin Fitts

November 1, 2021 0

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and publisher of “The Solari Report” Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF) says all that’s happening now can be boiled down to one simple, but evil, concept.  […]

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