Insane politicians are leading us to Hell – Dr. Sircus

Published on March 24, 2022

A cabal of politicians, governments, courts, medical authorities, pharmaceutical companies, multinational agencies, the mainstream media, academics, and foundations, particularly the World Economic Forum, want you and your loved ones to suffer and die. The easiest way to sustain such a statement is the brutal fact that they allowed Pfizer and the FDA to release its COVID vaccine that had 42,000 adverse events in the first 90 days and 1,223 deaths. Now, a year and three months later, its hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of severe vaccine adverse events with the promise of worse as vaccine recipient’s immune systems crash (AIDS).

America, European and Israeli leaders made a pact with the devil, and if there is any justice in the world, they will eventually be brought to justice now that the facts of what they have done are coming to light. However, many persist, and even the Pope is selling his billion-plus flock on taking Nazi-style experimental genetic injections. The world leaders have betrayed humanity, and unfortunately, there are no trips available to Mars.

“They’re still out there pimping for the vaxxes: Rochelle Walensky of the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Mary Basset (New York Commissioner of Public Health), and many other officials in other lands. This is a major part of the scripted suicide of the USA, along with the rest of Western Civilization,” writes James Howard Kunstler.

Unfortunately, most people with sense will not hold their breath for justice, for there is little to none in our world. But on the day of their deaths, the vaccine devils will be dragged down to hell. It is probably fair to say that hell is perhaps too good a place for them.

Just the beginning of troubles that will affect billions

What is coming next is the inevitable perfect storm. A perfect storm means
that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. And that is not just obvious
failures of many parts of society but also totally unforeseen consequences.
Egon von Greyerz

Armstrong Economics says, “Pray for civilization, for we have madmen leading the West into World War III. The Press is deliberately trying to create World War III and is engaged in using photos of children hurt and others from events unrelated to Ukraine. This is all to beat the war drums to create World War III without any honest understanding of what that will mean.”

The branding of Vladimir Putin as a war criminal by Joe Biden, who lobbied for the Iraq war and staunchly supported the 20 years of carnage in the Middle East, is one more example of the hypocritical moral posturing sweeping across the United States.
Chris Hedges

The United States has sanctioned the whole world because its politicians are especially stupid. They think they are only sanctioning Russia and its banks, but as everyone can see, everyone will suffer from higher food and energy prices, and millions more might starve this year. But our leaders do not care.

A constellation of events is dropping on us like an
imploding building and there’s not much we can do to stop it.
Anony Mee

It is probably true that to be a politician, to qualify and run for office, demands a demented mind. Of course, some are much worse than others, but the baseline is insanity because the mainstream of life is insane though that’s not the way people in the mainstream see things. Of course, we could use other words like psychopaths and sociopaths. One slight misstep at this point could be the end of us all through a nuclear exchange.

Though psychologists don’t want to talk publically about it, humanity is plagued with an obstinate refusal to teach and model meaningful listening, which leads to conflict resolution. Instead, we would rather have war than listen; instead of listening, most lie. Part of the insanity of politicians, doctors, health officials, and as we see below, even intelligence officials is the inability to say sorry and admit wrongness. I just did, and it felt great to admit wrongness about chlorine dioxide because then I got to be right!

But the 51 former “intelligence” officials who cast doubt on The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories in a public letter really were just desperate to get Joe Biden elected president. And more than a year later, even after their Deep State sabotage has been shown again and again to be a lie, they refuse to own up to how they undermined an election.

The United States government has declared a full out war, not yet a shooting war but a full blast economic and financial war that will affect every human being on the planet, first by steep increases in the price of food and energy and then in vast disturbances in supply chains as many raw materials necessary for modern-day life disappear. So we are in the beginning phases of WWIII. However, it does not have to be a shooting war to ruin life for most of us.

Ukraine war is a wake-up call to ditch oil and gas forever

Politicians are brain dead when it comes to climate change and the worst most disgusting thieves when it comes to carbon credits and taxes. The mental cases that call for an end to oil and gas are secretly calling for hundreds of millions to freeze and starve to death. Bill Gates wins the award for most insane with his ideas of cooling a cooling planet. That is right. We have natural global cooling, not manmade global warming disaster end of the world lies.

“A letter posted from a German poultry association states in no uncertain terms: our supply of animal feed has run out, so our egg supply runs out within 12-15 weeks. But it’s not just poultry. It is not an isolated crisis but an exemplar of the full collapse of modern agriculture, now in its final moments. Greenhouses sit empty, unheated because the price of natural gas is too high. Fertilizer is not being produced. Ranchers are not breeding animals — and are already culling — because there is no feed. Countries have cut off the exports, and there is not enough wheat to go around for importers,” writes the Ice Age Farmer.

Panic is beginning to drill deeper into our brains as we see all of life under threat. Death is all around us, moving closer and closer to billions as the world’s food system is threatened and vicious COVID vaccines bite deeper. Everyone is waiting, watching nervously as world events change the fabric of life.

Everyone is on edge, and for a good reason. Millions are
being hit by the bus of inflation after two years of COVID hell.

Are you prepared to die or see a loved one die? I think we universally would answer no, but no or not, people are dying in increasing numbers, and life insurance companies are complaining. Too many have recently suffered through a loved one’s sudden death. And now we are being promised a tidal wave of starvation, so I pity you if you are not taking this seriously.

There’s no doubt about it: the vaccine companies have a license to kill. They can kill as many people as they want, and nobody in America will stop them. It’s all perfectly legal. The millennial age group, 25 to 44, experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality
Steve Kirsch

COVID vaccines given to billions delivered the first act in the culling of humanity. “The coronavirus crisis has similarities to war. The state mobilizes the people heedless of consequences. The workforce, or a large part of it, is diverted from its work. Schools are closed. Most of all, we are afraid. Even the question of how the virus began has hints of retaliation assigned to it. The enemy is death, in this case, from the virus. We duck and cover, and in a war, the rule is that there is no price too high to be paid for victory,” writes George Friedman.

I published these words of Friedman in May of 2020. If politicians default to the insanity of no price too high to be paid for victory, we are done for. Nuclear war here we come. Expect insane people to act in insane ways with insane outcomes.

The Ukrainian war has hit the fast-forward button on a preexisting crisis that was on its way anyway. Prepare now while you still have some time left before the actual crash begins too soon for everyone’s comfort. We have simultaneous events, perfect storms with converging consequences that we will be crying about for years, yet we have to admit that the old world was already dying because of what we did and continue to do.


I have always felt that the media would fail humanity in a crisis, misleading with their lies about reality, millions, billions of us into the grave of our civilization. As we move deeper into this nightmare, it will become evident that there is little to no wisdom in the world that will be called upon to save us from the mass insanity of politicians and, in many cases, from ourselves.

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Dr. Mark SircusAC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine


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