The Great Silence – Daily Reckoning

May 30, 2023 0

The Great Silence The kids are two years behind in education. Inflation still rages. White-collar jobs are disappearing thanks to the reversal of Fed policy. Household finances are a wreck. The medical industry is in […]


This Week in the New Normal – Off Guardian

May 24, 2023 0

Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world. 1. BRITAIN’S “ASTONISHING” RISE IN HEART PROBLEMS Three […]


WHO Declares An END To COVID-19 Scamdemic – SHTF

May 10, 2023 0

by Mac Slavo World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared during a May 5th news conference held at the global health body’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, that the COVID-19 scamdemic is now over. However, most […]


The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe – ZH

April 19, 2023 0

The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe BY TYLER DURDEN TUESDAY, APR 18, 2023 – 08:25 PM Authored by John Leake and Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD via Courageous Discourse (emphasis ours), Many readers of this Substack have […]

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