Wealth Abuse

Is China’s Day Of Reckoning Coming?

July 20, 2018 0

by Tyler Durden Authored by Tom Luongo, Lost in all of the geopolitical noise are some basic concepts of economics.  It’s no secret that China’s economy has been built by their openly mercantilist economic policies. Mercantilism is, […]

Wealth Abuse

China Is Suddenly Dumping Treasuries

November 10, 2016 0

by Tyler Durden While we admit that “suddenly” is not exactly the right word to describe China’s selling of US Treasurys, which has been steadily liquidating its UST reserves over the past two years, something […]

Wealth Abuse

China: Major Devaluation Coming

July 28, 2015 0

by John Rubino The whole “market economy” thing is turning out to be a little trickier than China’s dictators expected. To set up the story: After the 2008 crash the country borrowed about $15 trillion […]


Interest Rates Spiking Everywhere

May 20, 2015 0

by John Rubino Just as ultra-low interest rates start to seem normal, the markets decide otherwise. US 10-year Treasury bonds yielded about 1.9% in April and are now above 2.20%: And the trend reversal isn’t […]

World Affairs

Debt Rattle Jul 22 2014: Phase Next: Economic Warfare

July 23, 2014 0

By The Automatic Earth Jack Delano. Engine taking on coal at Illinois Central Railroad yard, Chicago Nov 1942  Amidst the heightened media hysteria that expresses itself in claims of an “increasing burden of proof” of Putin and […]