PA County Judge Says Republican Ballots Cannot Be Scanned

May 18, 2021 0

Written by Martin Walsh Officials are claiming that Pennsylvania county is experiencing issues scanning Republican ballots during local elections and primary races. “Chris Varney, Judge of Elections says they were initially under the impression that it […]


Don’t Look Now

April 29, 2021 0

There was Joe Biden, all masked-up at the Virtual Climate Summit Meeting, the only world leader with his face covered, like he was fixing to rob the joint. In reality — if such a place […]


When Deplorables Become Ungovernables

December 16, 2020 0

Pepe ESCOBAR China, Russia and Iran are the top three existential “threats” to the U.S., according to the National Security Strategy. Three features distinguish the top three. They are all sovereign powers. They are under varying […]