James Howard Kunstler: That sinking feeling

May 16, 2022 0

Water is streaming in below-decks, down in the stinking bilges, from many cracks in the hull. Nobody seems to know what to do, least of all the ship’s captain…. Is it time to lower the […]


The Federal Reserve Just Made A Colossal Mistake

May 5, 2022 0

May 4, 2022 by Michael You don’t raise interest rates when the economy is already falling into a recession.  U.S. GDP contracted during the first quarter of 2022, and if it contracts again in the second quarter of 2022 […]


The Fed Is Scared $h*tless

April 12, 2022 0

BY DAVID HAGGITH “Commentary out of the Fed over the last few weeks indicates to me that our central bankers know they are doing far too little, far too late.” The events in monetary policy over […]


Leviathan floundering – James Howard Kunstler

April 11, 2022 0

Everything about America is looking more and more medieval…. Back in the quaint old days of the George “W” Bush admin, White House political advisor Karl Rove famously said, “We’re an empire now, and when […]

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