Monsanto’s Dark Act Ready for Obama’s Signature

July 20, 2016 0

President Barack Obama: Monsanto’s man in Washington by Jon Rappoport July 19, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) “Let folks know when their food is genetically modified, because Americans […]


The Dying Institutions Of Western Civilization

September 2, 2015 0

nothing is left Paul Craig Roberts Judiciary Branch Has Self-Abolished The US no longer has a judiciary. This former branch of government has transitioned into an enabler of executive branch fascism. Privacy is a civil […]


Liberty, Sovereignty, and US Foreign Policy

July 15, 2015 0

The American Revolution betrayed by Justin Raimondo, July 03, 2015 As we celebrate Independence Day, honoring the American colonists’ successful fightto be free of the British crown and establish their own sovereign state, it is […]

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