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The Phoney “Refugee Crisis”

September 9, 2015 0

by Thierry Meyssan The left-hand part of this photo has been widely published by the Atlantist Press. The victim, a Syrian Kurd child, Aylan Kurdi, is supposed to have been washed up by the sea. […]

World Affairs

Turkey in danger

July 30, 2015 0

While the Western Press salutes the authorisation given by Turkey to the United States, allowing the US to use its military bases in order to fight Daesh, Thierry Meyssan looks at the nation’s internal tensions. […]

World Affairs

NATO launches the Trident

June 19, 2015 0

by Manlio Dinucci All U.S./NATO commands and bases are in full swing to prepare the “Trident Juncture 2015” (TJ15), “the biggest NATO exercise by the end of the Cold War. “ It will take place […]


Special Report: Is It Time To Prepare For War?

March 13, 2015 0

bazzier/Shutterstock Now available to all readers by Chris Martenson Thursday, March 12, 2015, 3:36 PM This report was initially released to’s paid subscribers earlier this week. Given the significance of the subject matter and […]

World Affairs

Ukrainegate: NATO weapons for truce

February 20, 2015 0

Via Voltaire Network Ukrainian Pres. Petro Poroschenko touches the Saxon’s thin armor. Photo via Accidents News Initially it seemed surprising that on the first day of the negotiations marathon [1] in Minsk a bill to “provide […]


Trapped in a Narrative

February 16, 2015 0

by Raúl Ilargi Meijer Harris&Ewing National Capital digs out after storm Jan 14 1939  I’ve addressed the issue a hundred times, and it pains me to see it only gets worse. But it does. And it’s not my […]

World Affairs

How Vladimir Putin Upset NATO’s Strategy

December 19, 2014 0

by Thierry Meyssan At the annual summit on security organized by the Bertelsmann Foundation and NATO in Munich in 2007, President Vladimir Putin had stressed that the interest of Western Europeans was not only overseas but […]

World Affairs

NATO’s Global Offensive

July 30, 2014 0

by Manlio Dinucci NATO’s State members No holiday this summer for NATO; it’s working overtime. In preparation for the Summit of Heads of State and Government on September 4-5 in Newport in Wales, NATO will set […]

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