The Brink of Lexington – T.L. Davis

October 9, 2023 0

 by T.L. Davis Or St. Petersburg? We are no doubt in revolutionary times, it’s just a matter of which sort of revolution it will be. If one imagines Washington DC as King George, distant, hostile, arrogant, […]

World Affairs

Austria Rises Up – Resistance is NOT Futile

November 19, 2021 1

Martin Armstrong The police and army are rising up against the government in Austria. What we need is a good old fashion military coup dragging these politicians out in some countries to put the fear […]


Is This Awokening a Revolution, or Not?

July 13, 2020 0

Alastair CROOKE Former British diplomat, founder and director of the Beirut-based Conflicts Forum. Can there ever be a true revolt that is led by the spoiled Children of the Élite? If so, what would such a ‘revolt’ mean […]



July 10, 2020 0

By Martin Armstrong QUESTION: Hello Martin When will the madness stop! I am Scottish and our first minister is mandating face masks in all shops from July 10th. Even though the virus peaked in April. […]


“Now Is the Time of Monsters”

March 13, 2019 0

by Jeff Thomas In ancient Rome, interregnum was the term given to the period between stable governments when anything untoward might occur, and sometimes did – civil unrest, warfare between warlords, power vacuums and, finally, succession wars. But […]


In the Deep Mid-Winter

January 28, 2019 0

Ill winds sweep across the fruited plain in the cruel heart of winter. America can resolve nothing. The state-of-the-union is a kind of hysterical nausea, and the nation hunkers into its crib of toxic diverse identities waiting […]

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