Dealing With Demons

April 6, 2021 0

By Larry Romanoff for the Saker Blog The Lockdown At the outbreak of the epidemic, China implemented the most comprehensive and rigorous measures ever taken. Wuhan was locked down on Jan. 23, with several other […]


The “Unvaccinated” Question

March 31, 2021 0

So, the New Normals are discussing the Unvaccinated Question. What is to be done with us? No, not those who haven’t been “vaccinated” yet. Us. The “Covidiots.” The “Covid deniers.” The “science deniers.” The “reality deniers.” Those […]


Pandemics and Ideologies

March 16, 2021 0

By Jimmie Moglia for The Saker Blog A man’s life’s no more than to say ‘one’ – Hamlet tells his friend Horatio. And Voltaire has a character from one of his novels declare, “… We […]


Joe Biden Imperator

January 29, 2021 0

President Biden’s state of health will not allow him to govern. Already a group of activists are preparing his decisions. Quite far from his electoral programme, he has signed decrees representing a “woke” culture that […]


A Face of Beauty, Voice of Reason

January 27, 2021 0

Dr Sircus Published on January 26, 2021 2020 Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks during a news conference at the 9/11 Tribute Museum in New York City, October 29, 2019. (Brendan McDermid/Reuters) […]

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