NATO ‘slaughtering’ Ukrainians to fight Russia

November 30, 2023 0

Via RT The US-led military bloc was initially conceived as an instrument to confront the country, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said NATO is sticking to its plan to contain Russia by sacrificing countless Ukrainian lives, Kremlin […]


Between That Rock and The Hard Place – Kunstler

February 20, 2023 0

:…the president has made American support for Ukraine the centerpiece of his argument for a revitalized alliance in Europe, and he had told advisers that he wanted to mark the first anniversary of the invasion […]


Medical horror in Ukraine

December 21, 2022 0

by Batko Milacic for the Saker blog In December of this year, another material appeared in the Russian media telling about the plight of the wounded Ukrainian military. In particular, the Russians point out that […]


James Howard Kunstler: That sinking feeling

May 16, 2022 0

Water is streaming in below-decks, down in the stinking bilges, from many cracks in the hull. Nobody seems to know what to do, least of all the ship’s captain…. Is it time to lower the […]

World Affairs


April 19, 2022 0

•••• The Liberty Beacon Project is now expanding at a near exponential rate, and for this we are grateful and excited! But we must also be practical. For 7 years we have not asked for […]

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