Moon Of Alabama: Dugina Killer Identified – War Of Attrition Continues

It seems that Russian authorities have found the killer of Darya Dugina.

The killer, one Natalya Vovk, is associated with the Azov Nazis of Ukraine. So is her brother. Both are in Ukraine right now but will probably flee elsewhere.

Yelensis has details that point to willful murder of Darya Dugina:´

[A]n important clarification was already delivered by the experts: As to the question whether the bomb was on a timer or remote control, the answer already came in: Remote control. This fact has huge ramifications. WarGonzo blogger Semyon Pegov points out that the person who pressed the remote-control button to ignite the bomb, would have been in visual contact with the car and its occupant: “In other words, the terrorists who were supposedly out to blow Dugin up in his own car, would have observed, how Darya got into the car instead. Not the original target. And then they would have had to make a decision: To blow up, or not to blow up? And they took the decision: Go ahead and blow up the daughter. So, Darya became the new target. And this is, it goes without saying, an entirely new level of terrorism. Not even your average ISIS terrorist would take such a low step.”

Aleksandr Dugin, Darya’s father, as well as his daughter had been threatened:

The Ukrainians threaten and blacklist everybody in the world who doesn’t give them full and unconditional support.Dugin, however, is a special case, and particularly hated by the West and their proxies. Both Dugin and his daughter are on American/British “sanctions” lists. Dugin has been the recipient of non-stop hate-speech for years now. Westies hate and demonize him because of his philosophical ideas and anti-Liberal ideology. Darya herself has a degree in Political Philosophy and shared her father’s ideology. Both were strong supporters of the Russian “Special Military Operation” against the Ukraine. Which would have made them “fair game” according to the usual Ukrainian standards. However, nothing has been proved yet, so we shall just have to wait and see.

In the continuation of this story, we will discuss Dugin’s “harmful” ideas, some interesting history of his political career; and how the Westie press is inhumanely revelling in his grief.

You can catch Yelensis’ writings at Awful Avalanche.

Meanwhile the fighting in Ukraine continues with recent Russian offenses launched on all fronts. In the north the slow move to Karkiv continues. The Russian forces in the south move towards Mykolaiv (Nikolaev). In the east attacks against Soledar and Bakhmut continue. All these moves are supported by intense strikes on every Ukrainian headquarter and troop concentration the Russian military intelligence can find. This hunting down and killing of complete battalions and brigades behind the immediate frontline is costing a lot of Ukrainian soldiers’ lives and is preventing any Ukrainian countermoves. This is on top of the daily massive artillery use against Ukrainian frontline positions.

In a recent interview Colonel Markus Reisner of the Austrian army described the situation (in German). Some excerpts:

If you look at the battles in detail, you can see one thing from a military point of view: the western arms deliveries are having an effect, but still not in a resounding and sustainable form. The result must be measurable. Only when the Russian attacks are completely stopped or when the Russian troops retreat (similar to the situation around Kyiv in March 2022) can one actually speak of a turning point in the war from a sober, objective and military point of view. The western arms shipments that have arrived so far mean that the Ukrainian armed forces have “too much to die and too little to live”. If the 16 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers delivered from the USA so far have achieved understandable success, the question arises: Why is the USA not delivering more?

May be because it does not have more to give but more likely is that the U.S. wants to prolong the conflict at a near stalemate as long as possible.

Can Ukraine win this war?If the West does not deliver increased numbers of state-of-the-art weapons (including above all artillery and multiple rocket launchers, but also long-range anti-aircraft defense systems) to Ukraine in the coming weeks, Ukraine will not be able to win this conflict. It is therefore in the hands of the West how this war will continue. As long as Ukraine cannot protect its airspace against Russian cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, any regional military rearmament seems illusory. But this is necessary if Ukraine wants to regain possession of the lost land. Those areas that you need to be able to survive economically.

It is highly unlikely that the Ukraine will ever regain the former Russian territory that in 1922 Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin, for whatever reason, gave to Ukraine and that Russia is currently taking back. A war of attrition, which Russia with its industrial capability to sustain endlessly, can not be won by Ukraine. Even more massive support from the ‘west’ would be insufficient.

But the war will be won on a different front:

Modern warfare is above all a war of minds. The image we have of a conflict decisively shapes our opinion on it. It determines whether we perceive a conflict as “just” and whether we are willing to support it. At the moment, in the conflict in Ukraine, this support begins in our communications and ends in the delivery of weapons. It is therefore always the aim of the opponents to influence the respective other side. The military calls this approach “cognitive warfare.” A comprehensive war of attrition is rarely decided on the battlefield, but often in the minds of the population in the hinterland.For the Russian side, the decisive point of attack is therefore the West’s willingness to continue to support Ukraine. Russia is therefore trying to weaken this willingness in all available domains (especially in the cyber and information space). Extraction of raw materials and threats of nuclear weapons are the weapons used here to achieve an effect. The West, on the other hand, is trying to hit the cohesion of Russian society. Sanction packages and economic punitive measures are intended to exert pressure. The Russian economy is already taking a serious hit. The question is, will these bring about a change in behavior or not? At the moment, decisive success cannot be measured either on the battlefield or on the home front, which makes it clear that the guns in Ukraine are far from silent.

The extremely stupid European sanctions against Russian energy have caused severe damage to European economies. This is already breaking  the ‘western’ will for further support of Ukraine. During July none of the bigger European countries has promised and delivered more heavy weapons to Ukraine.

On August 24 Ukraine has some independence holiday. Zelensky and his team will likely want to present some ‘success’ for that day. A nasty incident around the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, which the Ukraine continues to shell,  or elsewhere can therefore be expected to happen over the next few days.

Moon of Alabama


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