World Affairs

The end of Western domination

April 19, 2022 0

The Western sanctions against Russia, decided unilaterally by Washington, are presented as a just punishment for the aggression against Ukraine. But, without mentioning their illegality under international law, everyone can see that they do not […]

World Affairs

The Face of Western Civilization – Francis Lee

March 9, 2022 0

By Francis Lee for the Saker Blog Jens Stoltenberg NATO Fuhrer. It is interesting to note how the collective west has reacted to the present and ongoing events in Eastern Europe – namely, in Russia […]


Why It’s Necessary to End NATO

March 9, 2021 0

Eric ZUESSE The only way to end America’s aspiration to control the entire world is to end NATO, because NATO was built upon that evil aspiration, Eric Zuesse writes. On February 24th, Medea Benjamin and Nicolas […]


The Empire Steps Back

October 23, 2019 0

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair What everyone is most upset about with regard to Syria isn’t the bloodshed or anything having [to] do with human rights. It’s the decline in American control of the Middle […]


Does Washington Rule the World?

February 7, 2019 0

PHILIP M. GIRALDI One of the most disturbing aspects of the past two years of Donald Trump foreign policy has been the assumption that decisions made by the United States are binding on the rest […]


Vladimir Putin’s Basic Disagreement with The West

July 11, 2018 0

Eric Zuesse, originally published at The Saker Vladimir Putin’s basic view has been expressed so many times, in so many different contexts, and it’s always the same: that the only people who have a sovereign right […]

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