The Evidence Is In — Another Stolen Election

Paul Craig Roberts

Americans, not all of them but most, are too proud of their country and too protective of its reputation as “the world’s best democracy” to admit it, but they have just experienced another stolen election.  All the telltale signs are there–just as they are for the 2020 presidential election that was stolen from President Trump.  Ballot count delays while Democrats round up  sufficient fraudulent ballots to offset the Republican’s victory.  Sudden upward spikes of 100,000 votes in one moment of time to push a Democrat candidate on a losing path ahead of the Republican.  It is not possible for that number of ballots to be counted in such a short time period or that they would all be for one candidate alone.  I know of no Republican candidate winning by a sudden upward spike in votes. This is a phenomenon exclusive to Democrats.  A person might think that it would strike people as curious that only Democrats win by sudden upward vote spikes and ask questions, but no such question arises.  To my knowledge, no election official has ever produced the names of the vast numbers of Democrats who somehow voted all at once in a short time for the Democrat candidate.  

Fox TV’s Tucker Carlson pointed out one way the Democrats stole the Arizona election.  The Democrats arranged for the voting machines to fail in voting precincts known as Republican majority.  Those unable to vote, or some of them, were given a ballot to be put in a box when completed to be counted later. Next the Democrats announced that these uncounted ballots were “accidentally” mixed with already counted ballots and there was no way to tell them apart.  This is one way Republican votes were flushed out of the vote counting system.

Some insouciant people say, “there has always been vote fraud, there is nothing new to see here.”  What these unbothered people overlook is that never before the 2020 presidential election and the 2022 midterm election has vote fraud been organized on a national basis and across state lines. Past instances  of election theft were local phenomena.  

Other people say that Republicans steal votes also and point to George W. Bush’s victory in Florida over Al Gore.  But the Florida count was a procedural issue decided by the US Supreme Court, not by voting machines, stuffed ballot boxes, or other means.  The evidence was that it was Democrats in Brevard County who were trying to steal the election for Al Gore.

My conclusion that the last two elections were organized thefts by Democrats is not partisan.  My conclusion rests in analysis.  There is a big new difference between Republicans and Democrats.  We can no longer view the parties as liberal vs. conservative, the working class against Wall Street and the large corporations.  The working class, formerly a protectorate of the Democrats, is today disavowed as “Trump Deplorables.”  A revolutionary spirit has entered the Democrat Party which has a new constituency composed of LGBT, multiculturalism, and Woke censors who claim the power to regulate speech and insure its compliance with their ideology.  

A generation or two of anti-Western, anti-white propaganda in our Univerities–“Western Civ Has to go,” for example, has filtered down into the primary public school system.  Transgender theory is used to confuse children about their natural gender and to give children the idea that gender is something chosen, not imposed by nature or birth. Critical race theory is used to inculcate guilt in white kids and infuse them with the acceptance that a merit-based society must be abandoned in the interest of advancement of the racially oppressed. The New York Times supports this indoctrination with its 1619 Project which teaches that the United States is based in racism and white supremacy.  “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are used to break down and destroy the inculcation of youth into Western civilization.  By transforming a once homogenous country into a Tower of Babel, a social revolution is effected.  Parents lose control over their children to school boards and Child Protective Services. Democrats are currently trying to criminalize parental opposition to sex change operations of their children as “child abuse.”  Parents who object to public schools supported by their property taxes teaching their kids that the kids and parents are racists are ejected from school board meetings and in some cases threatened with investigation.  If the parents work for companies with Woke executives, they might be fired.  Just as revolutionary ideas have filtered down from universities into public schools via university graduates, the same has happened to corporations, media, and medical practice.  

The revolution has been gradual and consequently was regarded as the ramblings of a few nutcases.  This left the revolution largely unopposed and contributed to its success.

Another feature of the Democrats’ revolution is open borders that are flooding the US population with non-whites, essentially turning the US into a non-white country, thereby dispensing with the “reactionary values of Western civilization.”  At the hands of Democrats, white Americans are facing civilizational genocide.

The first nationally organized theft of an election was the 2020 presidential election.  It met with much opposition.  Numerous independent experts analyzed the data and proved conclusively that  the election was stolen. Some Republicans made national efforts to present the evidence to media and the public.  But nothing came of their efforts. The official narrative was immediately established that “there is no evidence of a stolen election.”  Some of those who had made an issue of the theft were branded “enemies of democracy” and threatened with investigations and arrests.  No one asked if the elections were honest why such an intense effort to silence skeptics?  When skeptical Republicans finally got an opportunity to present evidence of electoral fraud prior to the vote certifying Biden’s “victory,” the Democrats orchestrated an “insurrection,” and Rino Republicans like Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell helped to deep-six the presentation of evidence.  As the US has a propaganda ministry instead of a media, few Americans know that the reason for the orchestrated “insurrection” was to block the presentation of evidence of electoral fraud to Congress prior to the certification of Biden’s win.

There is a huge difference between Democrats and Republicans, and it is very different from what people think.  Democrats have become a party with a revolutionary agenda while Republicans still operate in the old order that Democrats are in the process of overthrowing.  For those with revolutionary fervor, power is much more important than democracy or a  fair vote.  This leaves Republicans much disadvantaged as their lack of a revolutionary agenda leaves them without determination to seize power at all cost.  Yes, they want power, but not for revolutionary purposes. For revolutionaries, there are no constraints on the grasp for power.

The Republican response to the stolen 2022 election is almost nonexistent.  Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich asked, “What’s going on?” But he doesn’t answer “a stolen election.”  He simply says that he was wrong in expecting, like all other analysts, a “red wave.”  He questions not the vote spikes, delayed vote counts, and misplaced or lost ballots.  Instead, he questions the models that projected on the basis of past experience the likely election outcome:  “It makes me challenge every model I’m aware of, and realize that I have to really stop and spend a good bit of time thinking and trying to put it all together.” 

Gingrich wonders how it is possible that Republicans got 5 or 6 million more votes in last Tuesday’s election than in the prior election and it only resulted in a small difference in result.  In other words, he hints that something is fishy, but knows he cannot say it. 

Rino Republicans were quick to blame the Republicans’ disappointing outcome on Trump.  Other Republicans, such as Senator Josh Hawley (R, Mo.), blame the Republicans for caving in on issues instead of fighting and says, “The old party is dead. Time to bury it. Build something new.”  This is sort of what President Trump was trying to do by trying to reinvigorate the American way, and the Establishment ejected him and is determined that he not return to politics.  As Trump discovered, the problem of restoration or renewal is impossible politically when all major institutions–media, education, corporate, Wall Street, CIA, FBI, Department of Justice even when they are your own appointees are opposed to it.

How can the Republican Party survive as an independent force when the Department of Justice and FBI are politicized weapons in the hands of Democrats, when corporate America, supposedly “big business behind Republicans” is in the hands of Woke executives, when the print and TV media serve as a Ministry of Truth & Propaganda for Democrats, when insouciant Americans have little comprehension of what is happening before their eyes and little time, energy, and inclination to find out?

Conservative Kevin MacDonald blames a lack of white awakening.  White Americans, despite the clear fact that the Democrats are out to get them with critical race theory and Identity Politics still vote for the Democrats who are at work displacing white civilization with “diversity” and “multiculturalism.” 

In other words, blame the victims and not the Democrats who stole the election.

The vote in large Democrat controlled cities is in the hands of Democrats who control the process and vote counting.  There is no way   for Republicans to monitor the voting.  Authority is in the hands of local Democrats, not in the hands of Republican poll watchers. Whatever objections the poll watchers make will be dismissed by the presstitutes as “misinformation.”  

To bring in an outside authority, the elections would have to be federalized which would mean over-riding the Constitution, which can’t stand any more over-riding and still exist.  Moreover, federalizing the elections would simply put them more firmly in the hands of Democrats and their operatives in the FBI, DOJ, and federal bureaucracy. 

What must be understood is that a political party with a revolutionary agenda is not constrained by rules.  It is just as nonsensical for Republicans to expect revolutionary Democrats to abide by rules as it for the Kremlin to expect the same from Washington.  When you continually expect an opponent to abide by rules who never does, you are continually surprised and taken advantage of.  

For Republicans it might be too late to come to this realization.  I doubt Republicans will ever be permitted to return to power.  Two successfully stolen elections in a row have established a new election paradigm that is immune to fraud accusations. 

As for the Kremlin, it remains to be seen if Putin has waited too long to bring the war in Ukraine to a close that is to Russia’s advantage.  The Kremlin’s delay in bringing the war to a victorious conclusion has allowed the war to widen to such an extent that it is difficult for the West to step back from the conflict and disengage.  

I fear that America is on two deadly paths.  One leads to a one party state.  The other leads to nuclear war.

This is what happens when people do not pay attention.


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  1. I disagree. The current, and only, path leads to nuclear armageddon which then leads not in a one party government but to to a one World government…and it won’t be Democrats in control.

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