The Jesuits (NWO) and the new Inquisition (Updated)



A great little video about the Jesuits and their Pope Francis. Some good interviews, one especially with Mathew Fox former Dominican Theologian and author of the book The Pope’s War. The video exposes Pope Francis role in the Argentine dirty war including how he turned two of his own order (the Jesuits) over to be tortured. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that these people are the power behind the NWO. The Inquisition is here, for Terrorists just substitute the word Heretics and you will begin to understand what is really going on. This insidious organization has been after world domination for centuries and now they believe it is in the palm of their hands. Their arrogance will lead to their downfall.

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Blackwater: Knights of Malta in Iraq

NEW JESUIT POPE – The Jesuit Oath Exposed

Update 6-23-2015 Pope Francis Says You’re NOT Christian if You Support Gun Manufactures




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