The Path To Japan’s Childlessness As Conceived By Its Satanic US Occupiers

by Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog

In May 2022, Elon Musk, American billionaire and founder of SpaceX and Tesla, tweeted that unless birth rates go up, “Japan will eventually cease to exist.”

That got the American men in black at the US-Embassy in Tokyo on sexism alert.

All of us who wrote the same before [but were censored into oblivion] experienced madding schadenfreude;

First, because the Japanese themselves are usually too timid to self-report US bullying;

Second, because of the sheer sadism in Mr. Musk’s biting tweet.

Surely, as a member of the US deep state, this man with a hair-transplant and his 7 in-vitro-children (with cool names like Exa Dark Sideræl or X AE A-XII) must be quite aware that Japan slipped into this horrible condition through no fault of her own.

Japan has been an American vassal state for over 75 years now, and she is the victim of relentless US feminization and childlessness propaganda.

Part 1. Take Their Land And Steal Their Women.

Only a reckless war criminal such as the United States of America can afford the audacity of having starved Japanese people to death, nuke-bombed their ports, belittled their race, stole Japanese women, erased their fathers’ blood lineage, and then blaming their misfortune on the few Japan’s grandsons left who can’t get enough women pregnant.

Upon Mr. Musk’s tweet, who probably just did it for vanity and attention seeking, our Western press soldiers in Tokyo, the embassy district in Minato-ku, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, the European headquarters, all rushed in and blamed the Japanese government for “not doing enough to fight the decline.” Haha, those keyboard bastards. The US superpower and custodian over all life in their Pacific colonies is solely responsible for the extermination. Read history.

The Japanese for over seven decades fought like little Indians against the extermination at gun point of their Western colonial masters, at first successfully. They managed to have ‘Western man’ not settle here. But the price for His rule in absence was brutal regulations: Military bases everywhere, dollar rule, fake democracy, form of economy, Christianity and foreign dictates from abroad.

Most Japanese elites complied and made themselves into slaves to their American taskmasters. If they performed well and published in the American language, they got credits and mention in Western media, journals and news. The most famous Japanese showpiece perhaps is Francis Fukuyama, who is actually American and does not speak Japanese. Nevertheless, they made him plagiarize The End of History from German philosopher Georg Hegel, in which he scientifically proves the West is best.

Those Japanese elites who refused subjugation were removed. For example, the American taskmasters and their Japanese collaborators caused all Japanese men [and the occasional pro-Japanese woman like SUGITA Mio] who were sympathizers to motherhood and Japanese survival to step down.

There are large-scale foreign attacks on Japanese male leaders every year. For example, in 2017 Sophia University in Tokyo, a Western Jesuit institute, staged another anti-Japanese project by promoting a hit list against “Japan’s Top Sexist Politicians’.

Their targets were accused of racism and sexism of the vilest sorts, including Prime Minister ABE Shinzo, Minister of Finance ASO Taro, House Speaker HIRASAWA Katsuei, former Prime Minister MORI Yoshiro, and even SHIRAISHI Masateru, a lower ranked cadre who was utterly destroyed for saying that “if too many men turn gay, we will perish.”

Those Japanese leaders can’t do anything to defend themselves. For example, Mr. Hirasawa only said that the real problem in Japanese society were “those who are not having children.” That’s it. Stating the simple truth will make you the target of the American punishers.

The agents of Empire will then distribute the hate list to all corners of the world via Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesThe IndependentThe GuardianDeutsche WelleReuters and Associated Press and so on.

But these were just recent examples. The planned destruction of the Japanese race started in the late 1940s and early 1950, when America launched the greatest re-education campaign in that century, in parallel to the deNazification campaign in Germany.

Pro-Japan nationalists were expelled from government and higher education. Pro-American scholars took their positions, shaming Japanese men, Japanese culture, Japanese war crimes, Japanese sexism, and breeding of the Japanese race.

Several scholars were made famous in Asia Studies in the West because they finally tackled the problem of male Japanese chauvinism and suppression of Japanese women. Titles such as ‘Martial Sex Life’ in 1949 by “the first Japanese sexologist,” ASAYAMA Shinichi, started to deconstruct Japanese sex life and explored suppressed homosexuality and ideal of sex life. That female ideal sex life was to stay unmarried, fool around with strangers, use contraception, abort a few times, try foreign men, maybe discover your inner feminist lesbian and so on.

Writes affirmative action feminist-quota Japanese SAEKI Chizuru for the American MIT Press: “Feminizing the hated enemy and depicting the Japanese as immature youth enabled the Americans to humanize the Japanese and regard the former enemy as dependents who needed US guidance and benevolence.”

The eminent sex scholar, now hanging out in the USA as some professor of women’s liberation, was merely reviewing ever so bigger affirmative action feminist Japanese SHIBUSAWA Naoko and her Harvard University Press debut America’s Geisha Ally (2006). Here’s what she had to say:

“Feminizing Japan’s image was done not only by the US troops but also by the Japanese government. […] “baby-san” [were recruited] to erode the hostility of US servicemen toward Japan by satiating the conqueror’s sexual appetites.“

By the 60s, the feminized, submissive Japan government who trained “baby-san” escorts ladies for US soldiers was in total control of Family Planning. There were hundreds of governmental and non-governmental Family Planning organizations, United Nations Family Planning Units, WHO and WTO demographers, Councils for Sex Education and so on, whose job it was to unplan the family, to destroy it—liberation-style. Family as a concept was now identified as part of evil eugenics and arranged marriage.

For example, the Japanese government is accused of having supervised one million sterilizations before 1957, said KOYA Yoshio, a revisionist from the Association of Racial Hygiene.

Those past sterilization programs were not at all uncommon, and everywhere in the world. Sterilizations were universally performed for public health reasons on the feeble-minded, murderers and rapists. But of course, if a foreign power wanted to punish your population, it would liberate the feeble-minded, murderers and rapists and have them multiply exponentially.

The Association used sterilization horror stories to push for ‘woman’s choice’ and for ‘individualized choice.’ In other words, the government must never decide such things again—only a foreign government such as the USA can do that.

This was killing two birds with one stone, as American activists could now breed many more disabled and subpar Japanese while brainwashing the average Japanese that they must not marry and stay childless. With the Japanese government banned from bettering the gene pool in any sort of way, Washington could be assured it would never have to fight another healthy 100 million Japanese in the next war.

With Japanese population control thus outsourced to foreign planners, the Association proceeded triumphantly: “Changes in sex education were accompanied by an increasing number of large-scale sex research projects.” Translation: Large scale population modification had begun.

Those Japanese educators who rejected the idea of foreign sex propaganda on Japanese soil in theory committed a criminal offence, for it was the explicit and stated goal of the American occupiers to [quote] “eliminating the expression of patriotism from its schools and public life.” [From a textbook, Asia for Educators, Columbia University, 2022.]

Part 2. Destroy Their Men And Shame Their Manhood.

In hindsight and with better knowledge of psychological warfare we know that American planners of course introduced American men and body shapes into all things Japanese, on billboards and in fashion and teen magazines. So Japanese men started to dress like Western men in suits and jeans, while Japanese women were handed contraception and were told to stick around for Western men.

For example, we know that US military bases in Sasebo, Iwakuni, Atsugi, Futenma, Kadena, Yokosuka, Yokota, Misawa and Tokyo had a turnover of well over 500,000 US soldiers, excluding civil personnel. The Washington Post once admitted there were as many as 45,000 Japanese brides who had “married the enemy” and relocated to the United States. The number of half-fus (mixed raced children) left behind by American GIs in Japan probably exceeds 100,000.

It is not cynical to expose how the “liberation of their women” is always the explicit wish of the invaders against the local dudes. After the Victory of Actium, the Romans occupied much of Greece and “freed” Greek women who were encouraged to walk naked and join orgies and try out new things with our brothers Atticus and Brutus. Meanwhile, defeated natives Alex and Aegeus were initiated in the art of anal sex and writing novels.

Japanese men became autistic and drew naked women in notebooks. They became very good at anime and manga. Between the 80s and 2010s, Japanese males had softened and feminized unrecognizably. Yet, the Americans were not finished with them and kept harassing them.

Take the following paragraph from the American cartoon series for kids, South Park. Two Japanese politicians approach a white American tourist. Here is the dialogue:

“You are Amelican?”

“Oh, you must have vely big penis!”

“Excuse me, I was just asking what you are up to with these toys.”

“We are vely simple people, with vely small penis. Mr. H’s penis is especially small. [Mr. H interjects: “So small!”]

We can not achieve much with so small penis.

But YOU, Amelicans, WOW, penis so big, SO BIG PENIS!”

“Well, I guess it is a pretty good size.”

This sort of racism against Japanese men is rampant and completely normalized in America. It will never stop, believe it.

So back to the childlessness propaganda. The Americans and their Western and Japanese collaborators now sell 550 million condoms in Tokyo annually. The regular pi’ru (hormone blockers) are prescribed to most girls just like the morning milk. The morning-after pi’ru (instant abortion) cost barely $50 on prescription. And those who buy on the black market get 10 pops for $150, no problem.

All compartments of civil society are determined to lecture and medicate Japanese girls so that they cannot and mustn’t conceive in the first 30 years of their lives. If they accidentally and against all odds do get pregnant, they can still kill the fetus if it’s not older than 12 weeks. The true number of abortions in Japan is unknown because everyone is doing it at home with chemicals. The Ministry of Health lists only those 156,000 abortions annually that were billed through the national health insurance (Last checked: May 2019).

In fact, it is a miracle that children still do get born in Japan at all.

Confidently to the motto “he who lies on the ground shall be kicked thereafter,” those foreign planners responsible for the childlessness propaganda now turn to the public and accuse neutered Japanese politicians of not doing enough to increase the birth rate, as if the Japanese had that much testosterone left.

Kicking your colonial victims when they‘re already lying helpless on the ground is terror, pure and simple. How much more humiliation can the Japanese take?

The bullying of the emasculated Japanese became a national sport in the West. When the US occupiers molested all those Japanese women, they had the idea to introduce American sports to Japan. Real man’s sports. Like Baseball for example.

Two Baseball Leagues, one in Tokyo, the other in Osaka, were set up in the 50s. By the 60s, every American team of note had visited Nippon, and Japanese teams had to sign up American players to juice up marketing.

That was easy-peasy. All Japanese boys now have to pick up a bat and play baseball in middle school and don’t even know why they like it.

But then somebody cunningly made a practical joke and introduced American basketball to Japan.

As a reminder, there are no blacks in Japan. The average height of Japanese men is 5 foot 3 inches (back in the 80s). The average height of Afro-Americans in the NBA is 6 foot 5 inches.

So now every Japanese middle school got its basketball court, alright, which the Japanese are genetically unsuited for, too bad, but hey, they wouldn’t even know why they don’t like it, so who gives?

Americans had their laughs, but the Europeans were not far behind when they introduced their national sport to Japan too—soccer!

Soccer is not exactly advantageous for Japanese athletes who have short legs, but who said they are gonna win, right? So every Soccer World Cup we watch with painful embarrassment the futile attempts of the Japanese all-stars to win yet a single tournament.

Part 3. Prevent These People From Ever Rising Again.

Without brainwashing the people into voluntary childlessness (because what’s the point of having more Japanese playing basketball?), the Asians could never be colonized for 75 years.

Why not? Well, let‘s take a look at the Vietnam war. The actual War between North and South Vietnam started in 1955. When the Americans entered the war in 1965, and lost it in 1969, they knew they were not fighting against just yellow people but more so against the laws of biology.

For every 10,000 Viet Cong, Cambodian or Lao people the Americans killed, 50,000 new ones were born. That’s why US planners used carpet bombings, orange gas, crop destruction—the entire arsenal, just for visuals. They hoped that images of massive civilian losses would force Ho Chi Minh to surrender in 1965 just like the Showa Emperor of Japan surrendered in 1945.

Unlike Japan, however, Vietnam was a proxy war. Had the Americans won the war in Vietnam, their breeder-planners would have taken over and reduced the population quickly. Alas, Vietnam won the war with the help of its allies and was unstoppable and grew from 36 million in 1960 to 100 million in 2020.

Had Japan won its war, based on the same trajectory, it would have grown its population from 73 million in 1940 to at least 204 million in 2020.

The US command in the Vietnam War knew about population dynamics and reproduction circles. Only massive attacks on civilians can force foreign regimes to surrender under shock, but if they remain clear headed and don’t surrender at all, their population will bounce back in a few years.

Japan had capitulated, alright. Now it was a run against time. When Douglas McArthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, set foot in Tokyo in 1945 with a plan to rebuild Japan in the image of a cheap industrial vassal state, he was shocked to learn that by 1947 the Japs had fornicated so hard—they had produced 7 million babies in just two years.

To remind everyone: during the entire Pacific War against China and the United States, Japan “only” lost 3.1 million lives. So in a sense, the war itself didn’t do any significant harm to Japan as a species.

Only post war colonial population control could do the trick.

General McArthur and his strategists had to completely destroy Japanese family culture with all techniques, regulations and shaming tactics they could think of, and quickly.

Polygamy had to be outlawed. The British Empire had successfully introduced monogamous marriage in China and India in the 18th century, but failed to register the lower classes. The US mustn’t repeat the same mistake.

Imperial Japan, just like Imperial China, had a vibrant concubinage and mistress culture. Some elite families had 15 to 20 elite children, because the patriarch had 2nd and 3rd wives. All these Asian values had to be outlawed. The noble East Asians must not multiply.

Empower the mass of women, abort their first children, prevent early pregnancies, shame young mothers. Social engineering was biblical and all-pervasive.

Some of the top-down governmental measures seem absurd, over-the-top. The entire housing market, for example, stopped advertising children‘s rooms. You cannot rent or buy a house in Japan that officially has children‘s rooms.

More family planning associations, agencies, and societies spread like mushrooms. Their unifying task: Prevent as many new Japanese as possible.

Some of the slogans may sound familiar to our readers if they live under US-American occupation: Children equal poverty. Children arrest development. Children are holding women back. Children equals Third World. Children equals underclass.

The results were mind-blowing. Wrote two Japanese demographers, TACHI Minoru and OKAZAKI Yoichi: “With the advent of the 1950’s we witnessed a sudden and swift decline in Japan’s birth rate […] Before ten years had passed since the start of the baby boom, the annual birth count was cut in half—a rate of decline without precedent in world demographic history.”

The greatest lie: Less children means greater wealth. Take the 80s: While the Soviet Union aimed at 500 million, the European Union aimed at 400 million, China at 1300 million, India at 1200 million, and America at 1000 million (in 2020, it currently has “only” 350 million), Japan was told it would be super rich and wealthy and powerful if it halved its population from 120 to just 60 million.

The moral lesson is obvious. If a superpower tells you your country is so cute and you should stay small, even smaller, then you should grow ears like Dumbo. They are having you on, Japan!

One of the greatest postwar lies in economics was the so-called Japan economic miracle. Critics could clearly see that Japan’s economic miracle was just rebuilding a country after a war. We know it was deceit because America pulled the same propaganda in Europe with Germany’s alleged wirtschaftswunder.

The underlying pledge was to make war profitable and to destroy foreign countries for guaranteed wealth creation. The loans of course came from US money lenders, global banks and in general the same people who destroyed Germany and Japan in the first place.

The GDP of the cocksucker colonies was now calculated by Americans, pegged to the American dollar. So of course as a vassal state of the superpower, when awash in fake dollars in forms of loans, and when all cities have to be rebuilt, there will be higher GDP output.

That all of it belongs to America, not Japan, is nowhere mentioned, but this is what it is.

The official propaganda was that Japan was successful because it had less children and more women in the workforce. Lies.

Women were forced into indoctrination camps, schools I mean, and learned that Japanese children are hideous, ugly and expensive—a sign of backwardness. Suddenly, child rearing was said to be expensive. Never before in history, ever—but the Japanese believed it. First world women, they were told by Western activists, only had one or two children, and they worked like real men, better even. So Japanese women wanted to be American, white and free.

Part 4. Set Them Up For Future Childlessness.

Images of larger Japanese families were removed from libraries, cinemas and entertainment. State TV broadcaster NHK and the film and movie industry chucked out single-child or nuclear family propaganda.

Well-to-do Japanese families with three, five or more kids hide their offspring under different names, or with other members of the clan, or send them abroad. The political pressure from the Left on them is as immense as the political pressure was on the capitalists in China during the One-Child Policy. Only that the Chinese had to hide their surplus kids from their own government, while the Japanese had to hide their surplus kids from the American Left.

Even if you’ve never set foot in Japan, you will have heard the most ridiculous stories about the Japanese who are uh-oh dating robots or marrying pillows, or proposing to holograms of their favorite anime characters or that Japanese men are genuinely sexless. These are the results of sadistic American planners. It’s cruel behavioral modification, not at all natural or normal.

Take the brainwashing of children aged 0 to 12. There is Doraemon, a cartoon series popular in the 70s and 80s. It’s about a ten-year-old boy who befriends a blue robot cat.

This single-child narrative is no coincidence. Japanese children were conditioned to appreciate robots, demons and aliens, not brothers and sisters.

Anpanman, a cartoon hero for children ages 0 to 6, has many animal friends, but no siblings. Shimajiro, the yellow tiger boy from the 90s, has one little sister. This corresponds to America’s ideology of the nuclear family.

Hana Kappa, a frog boy with magical powers, is known to all Japanese. Hana has many friends, but no siblings of course. And the friends are single children too.

The late 90s and 2000s continued the propaganda. Both Yokai-Watch and Pokemon are about a single child who befriends demons (Yokai) or pocket monsters (Pokemon).

Even the most conservative family show, Chibi Maruko-Chan, was about a girl and her parents, with just one sister who for all looks and purpose was written more like a cousin.

Finally, Crayon Shin-Chan, the naughty 5-year old boy who tyrannizes his mother and father, has a baby sister. The show depends on family interactions, but what to do, they must not have more children. So they just added a pet dog family member. Sounds familiar? Well, all Japanese family shows now have pet dogs replacing children.

The kids are groomed to wait for robots, monsters and pet animals. That is the main reason why Japan became the largest toy industry in the world. But guess what, even after 75 years of tamagotchi (digital pets), Godzilla, gundam robots and flying cars, they got nothing. Futuristic Japan was all a lie. The breeders just wanted to reduce the population, which they did.

Most women now have one kid on average. They are bossed around on state TV by their childless bosses, exemplary role females who are now being glorified. Mass media scrambled to find presentable anti-lifers. For example, YAMAGUCHI Tomoko, a beautiful dorama actress, became a media darling for “having no regrets having no children.”

Talentfree artists such as SAWAGUCHI Keisuke soon discovered that they could get Western media citations when they drew manga comics about “the happiness that comes from not having kids.”

The government, the academies and the scholars, all of whom rely on government grants and payrolls, love to praise childless women, next single mothers in their 30s or even 40s, and last divorcees—truly accomplished role models.

Here from Trends Magazine in 2004: “It was once rare for women to remain single and childless into their thirties, and those who did were often viewed with suspicion. But now that Japanese women are choosing from a much greater variety of lifestyles, a book of essays by popular columnist Sakai Junko that trumpets the advantages of the single life is flying off the shelves.”

One idol, 20-year-old model SUMIRE Yokono from the teen-pop group NM48, was attacked in national media for dating 21-year-old FUKUMOTO Taisei, who at that time was signed for another boy group. All aiduro agencies warn new applicants: you wanna be famous? Then no romance, no sex, no kids!

What looks like feminism in reality is womb patrol. It is complete madness to indoctrinate young females like this.

Womb control in universities is even worse. 50% of all female undergraduates in Japan self-report as singles or even as virgins. They have to. They are shamed by politicians, parents and educators that boyfriends are a cancer and that men are holding young girls back.

This disgusting breeding program has a name. It is called womenomics, the brainchild of late Prime Minister ABE Shinzo, America’s all-time-favorite worm tongue.

In 2013, Mr. Abe was allowed an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal, in which he reported to his foreign superior how his regime intended “to make women shine in the workplace.” The result is millions of single childless women living in 12-square-meter chicken boxes. No sons for thee, but bullshit jobs in the city.

Part 5. Colony Or Survival.

Remember what we’ve said earlier about Supreme Commander Douglas McArthur and his problem with 7 million babies born in 1947?

Well, by 2018, Mr. Abe Shinzo had brought down that number to 0.9 million babies. You can imagine how the Americans loved “Apocalypse Abe.” He was the greatest cock-sucker and destroyer of the Japanese Washington could have wished for, so got the most positive press of any Japanese leader in living memory.

Not World War Two brought death to the Japanese, no. Death came with the US military occupation.

What triggered Elon Musk was the news that in 2021 alone the Japanese population dropped by 640,000. This is murdering 640,000 babies, bare minimum. If you want to survive this massacre, you must expel the American blood gods.

The way out of foreign induced childlessness is to study biology, sociology and psychology—all currently banned in Japan. You are being wiped out and offed from the planet, Japanese. Basic science, anthropology and common sense are prohibited now.

If you do not help yourself, you will be exterminated. The population is expected to drop 27 million by 2058. A war against your US occupier would cost you at most 3 million lives.

That’s why maths and science will probably be banned and abolished in Japan next, by orders of US supreme command, you can bet on this.

You wanna be their farm, you will be farmed…







The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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