The Real Top Secret Escape Plan For The Elite: We’re Just Not Invited


By Mary Carmel | 7.2.2015

There have been many attempts over the years by the US government to keep NASA projects completely top secret. Many people have reported about black budget spending for projects that the public are not privy to, and now they are either deceased or very silent. The elite and their secret cabal say that such things do not exist, as well as other life forms etc.. Brushed off as conspiracy theory, we are finding that many of their operations have indeed been true, as we see our planet and civilization collapse.

.jupiterview4.jpg 460

They have been  busy  planning, and spending…somewhere else!

People are awakening to their secrecy, slowly to understand  the “why”.  As financial, environmental, and political chaos stirs the dust up around us, it is most important to put the pieces together. UN Agenda 21, the global sustainability plan was the red flag that most of us just could not accept as a fair deal (which it is not). As well, it was pushed through the executive branch without our permission. This should tell everyone that the destruction of the economy to the very planet we occupy, has left us footing the bill for our own mass extinction (it is no secret that the elite have plans for this, and have already commenced their assault on mankind through various methods).

10regions.jpgglobal 460

Ten new global regions per UN, as opposed to countries?!


New regions of US as opposed to states?!



See the green areas for  “normal use” of our land…

This abuse of our monetary system and very hope of existence parallels to nothing that we have ever witnessed. The ultimate goal is clear, their own survival, and through the classified documents shuffling past us over the years, they have achieved just that. If you have been wondering why the corporate attack on our environment has gone amok, and it seems that they are not so worried for their survival due to a catastrophic disaster or nuclear attack, the answer may be on front of you. Perhaps the trillions of dollars that have gone missing is no accident, it is yet another contrived plan to bleed us of prosperity, and the profits they have accumulated are just not designed to be shared.

In summary, as a commentator and researcher, I am going to share not only my opinion, but the conclusion that these plans for “sustainability” are a mere control method for the masses as they carry out military operations to hide the fact that the earth is in trouble, and that we do not matter to them if it is to be saved. The advancement of technology has been hidden from us for a good reason,  just as everything else they do covertly. From the “no talk of extraterrestrial life to the NASA programs that they keep under wraps, and the fact that people have mysteriously died for trying to expose the truth,  the red flag should be up globally. If we are going to try to remedy the problem, we can no longer do it on their terms. If we allow this, I am afraid we will not make it. They have a plan B, and we are not invited. This needs to be an open discussion, and they need to be held accountable for what they are doing to our planet as well as mankind. Their remedy to perhaps save the earth and control it for their own use, should say it all.

emergingmegaregions.jpg regiond color 460

Colored regions are for human population…the rest of the US is off limits to people!

We know the government’s track record and that they cannot be trusted, this is a reality. We now have proof, through documents and testimony, that the upcoming  climate chaos address to the UN by Pope Francis is most likely another charade to enslave us and take our sovereignty. OUR chance for sustainability is hanging in the balance as OUR money pours out to black budgets, benefiting the future of the elite and THEIR plans. I am sure he will package it like a pro and it will all sound very nice. If we have not learned by now that our days are numbered, as their mass depopulation plan goes full speed, we have failed to pay attention, and failed to act in our own defense.

See the below video and perhaps it will explain where “some” of the tax dollars have gone, while we struggle through the anxiety of impending scenarios that face us. From CERN, HAARP, Chemtrails, “other” atmospheric disturbances, to a nuclear war etc,. We are not allowed to talk about it?  We could be facing anything (and everything). Either way, the preservation of our planet, so they call it, is very telling. If you look at the regions of the Agenda 21 map that have been set aside for our living purposes, they look kind of small to me! I am afraid Jade Helm 15  is just a molecule inside their plan. Perhaps the spending on their NASA projects, explain a lot!!!

First they have to reduce the number of people here. To make our planet “sustainable” to their satisfaction. Would a catastrophic disaster be so unexpected to you now? Who gave the UN permission to do this? (NO ONE) Who approved the money (perhaps this explains the trillions missing, for the black operations)? (NO ONE) …


We seriously need to  reject the UN, and it’s policies… this should be clear by now.


Mars Base below…


For more information about Agenda 21, see the pdf document at If you are still in denial, try a few pins… stick them in your arm then watch the You Tube videos on it, as well as the video below. After all, we have paid for it all with our hard earned money. The future belongs to all of us. It is beyond wake up call. Snap out if it… MC


End note: This is where WE will be, as all of this goes down (if they get their way), under any EVENT that may come our way…  Perhaps that is why the Jade Helm 15 presence is so massive.This, I believe is how they will they get us to leave our homes under their Agenda 21 plan. CA is now out of water, they plan to “relocate them”. This was no accident.






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