The State Of Our Union Is “Sorry At Best”

One use of the word “sorry” is to mean in a poor, wretched, pitiful state or condition. It appears this opinion is now shared by many Americans. This is highlighted by what is put before us when we seek to read the news each day. The articles below (some shortened) give the impression the American people do not have much to be happy about.


Tom Cotton Gives Reason For Biden’s Midnight Flights: “They’re trying to hide the consequences of that policy in the dark of night”

By Gary Fenster – 

Cotton Calls Out Biden’s Failed Policy
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) called out Biden over Joe’s new scandal, flying migrants across the U.S. in the dead of night so the public is none the wiser. Cotton said. He claims the obvious reason why they’re flying these migrants across the country in the dead of night is they don’t want to reveal the consequences of their open borders policy. If they were proud of their policy, they’d be having these flights in the middle of the daytime and coordinating it with the local TV stations.
Cotton said, “They know that Joe Biden’s open border policy is a political disaster. So they’re trying to hide the consequences of that policy in the dark of night.”
“It’s very hurtful for President Biden politically, but it’s a catastrophe for our country, we’re going to be close to 2 million migrants crossing our border very soon. Texas is a big country with a lot of great people, but not even Texas can keep 2 million new residents there. That’s why they’re flying them to places like Florida and New York and all points in between. And it’s going to put real strain on those communities”
“All of these migrants should not be in Texas, or Florida or New York, they should be in Mexico, because President Biden should have kept the “Remain in Mexico” policy in place to make sure that people aren’t entering the country with bogus claims of asylum.” Biden rescinded that policy.
“Federal Courts have told him he has to re-implement it. But in the meantime, we’ve had 2 million illegal migrants not just crossed the border and fan out across the country,” Cotton said before calling Biden’s policy a “moral catastrophe, creating incentives for very dangerous and immoral behavior.”

My Comment; How do such programs using taxpayer money ever get to see the light of day? The cost and ramifications are huge and will not end tomorrow. Add to this the issue of illegal migrants not being vaccinated while many Americans are required to be under mandates. Also, we are told, our government is considering paying many migrants over $450,000 for what we have made them suffer.


Academy of Breastfeeding: ‘Breastfeeding Mother’ Changed to ‘Lactating Person’ in Updated Guidelines

Via the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Position Statement and Guideline:

“ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female and that some individuals identify as neither female nor male. The statement states that to be inclusive to all people in written materials, the use of desexed or gender-inclusive language is appropriate in many settings. The statement also calls for an end to violence and discrimination* against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex, plus (LGBTQI+) people.”

*In a sneaky re-framing, the social engineers attempt to equate a statement of biological reality — such as a “woman” being a human female with female reproductive organs — with “violence.”

House to vote on Bannon contempt as Justice decision looms
The House is voting on whether to hold Steve Bannon, a longtime ally and aide to former President Donald Trump, in contempt of Congress after he defied a subpoena from a committee investigating the violent Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. If the House vote succeeds, there’s still considerable uncertainty about whether the Justice Department will prosecute Bannon.
To emphasize the committee’s unity in holding Bannon accountable, the panel’s Democratic chairman, Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, will lead the debate on the bill along with Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, one of two Republicans on the committee — a rare show of bipartisanship on the House floor. If Congress can’t perform its oversight job, the message sent to “the general public is these subpoenas are a joke,” said Stephen Saltzburg, a George Washington University law professor and former Justice Department official.
The House select committee tasked with investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol meets to hold Steve Bannon, one of former President Donald Trump's allies in contempt, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday evening, Oct. 19, 2021. From left to right are Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-Calif., Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., and Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
Picture Of Well Paid Clowns
Saltzburg said if Attorney General Merrick Garland, a former federal judge whom Saltzburg regards “as one of the most nonpartisan people I know,” doesn’t authorize a prosecution, “he’s going to be letting the Constitution, it seems to me, be placed in jeopardy. And it’s way too important for him to let that happen.” Democrats are pressuring Justice to take the case, arguing that nothing less than democracy is on the line.
My Comment; Washington is broken. Over the years, several people have gone before such committees and lied with no consequences yet it intends to hold Bannon’s feet to the fire. This sounds purely political and a bit hypocritical to me. How about they take a closer look at Hunter Biden and explain why he is not in prison. 

PETA Urging MLB To Rename ‘Bullpen’ To ‘Arm Barn,’ It’s Insensitive To Cows!

Tmz Sports reports that PETA in a news release Thursday said “bullpen” is insensitive to cows. The org. said baseball should instead use “arm barn” to avoid the issue. “Words matter, and baseball ‘bullpens’ devalue talented players and mock the misery of sensitive animals,” PETA exec Tracy Reiman said.

The org. added that it’s all a problem because bullpens are places where cows go before they’re slaughtered on farms … and where the animals go before they’re treated poorly at rodeos. “Strike out the word ‘bullpen,’ which references the holding area where terrified bulls are kept before slaughter,” PETA said, “in favor of a more modern, animal-friendly term.”

My Comment; the trends we face such as, rewriting history and re-framing the way society views current issues erodes the very foundation of our culture in a very dangerous way. 


No whites allowed at anti-racist Elizabethtown College event

Matt Lamb – Associate Editor •October 15, 2021


‘This group will be a space for people who identify as individuals of color’ Elizabethtown College hosted an event on October 12 about white supremacy and racism, but the alleged perpetrators of hatred were not allowed to themselves attend. The event at the private Pennsylvania University is part of a three-part series called “Mediocre + Multimedia Content.”
“The programming for this event is for participants who identify as individuals of color,” the event description said. “Following the first and third sessions, participants will come together with participants representing different racial affinity groups for a shared reception at the Bowers Writers House featuring its signature chocolate fondue.”
The program drew criticism from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. FIRE wrote in a letter on October 11. Not allowing whites to attend is segregation. “Such segregation is unlawful and suggests that certain students have nothing to gain from an event and little of value to contribute because of the color of their skin,” FIRE spokesperson Daniel Burnett wrote in an accompanying blog.
In addition to the potentially illegal nature of the event, the thought process behind the exclusion is also lacking. The event is hosted under the “Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking” as part of a series on racism and white supremacy. Yet white students who do desire to learn about how they might be perpetrating a supremacist ideology cannot learn how to do so from their racial minority peers.

My Comment; Never before has the issue of race relations been pushed so strongly in the face of the American public. It has reached the point where it is causing more harm than good. Why can’t we just get along?


The articles above are just an example of the stories reported and placed before us every day. None of the above leads me to believe any of these issues will soon be put to rest. That is why the title of this piece is; The State Of Our Union Is “Sorry At Best”

Via Bruce Wilds/AdvancingTime Blog


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