TREND ALERT: Market Bounce BS; The Panic is on

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KINGSTON, NY,13 January 2016 — Recent market snapbacks are temporary blips in a long down-trend cycle that will push stock prices and indexes sharply lower during the year.

While there will be upward spikes and mild market fluctuations, a broader equity market meltdown has begun. It will continue, exacerbating global recessionary pressures.

In fact, so sure was Trends Research Institute Director Gerald Celente that equity markets would end the year in crash mode, that on 6 August 2015, just days before the Dow would begin its thousand-point-plus summer slide, Celente announced his forecast to Trends Journal subscribers in his Trends in the News nightly broadcast.

The next day, in a follow-up broadcast on King World News, Celente alerted the world of his dire forecast while providing greater details and more specific implications.

Then, on December 30 – while the world media was transfixed on reviewing the year past – Celente, in addition to forecasting Top Trends for 2016 that would dramatically shape the new year, he predicted “The Panic of 2016.”

No news is good news

Despite the Dow industrials plummeting more than 1,000 points to ring in the worst first week of the new year ever, and despite US stocks losing $1.36 trillion in value, and despite crude oil’s price tumbling 11 percent in one week, the business-media spin was that the strong jobs report proved the fundamentals of the economy were sound.

Indeed, The New York Times, the self-anointed “Paper of Record,” featured the jobs report on page 1 while burying the Dow’s history-making dive on the lower-bottom left of the next-to-last page of the business section with the less-than-startling headline, “Markets slide to worst week in 4 years.”

Even The Wall Street Journal’s top-of-the-page headline, “Bad week for stocks dims outlook,” played down the severity of the history-making market-mauling by overshadowing it with a dramatic front-page photo of a gunman shooting a policeman driving a squad car in Philadelphia.

And, as the new week began, and the global markets continued to swing between large losses and moderate gains, the business-media spin has narrowed unsettling market conditions down to three basic problems:

1.) The Chinese economic slowdown.

2.) China’s Communist government’s inability and lack of skill to rig their wild equity market slide as effectively as Western capitalist pros are capable of.

3.) They blamed oil prices plummeting to 12-year lows.

Yes, the Chinese economic slowdown and its volatile stock market, plus plunging oil prices, are reasons to rattle investor confidence. However, as finely detailed in our broad series of Trends Journal reports, the conditions fueling a market meltdown and ensuing global recession are much greater than mainstream media’s China-and-oil simplistic analysis.

Trend Tracking Tip: As trend forecasters, we analyze how stories are covered in print and online, where they are placed and the language used to identify how an unsuspecting public can be emotionally swayed and subconsciously directed so we may determine future actions and reactions to news and events.

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