True Scale of Dollar Ponzi Scheme Becoming Apparent-Rob Kirby

True Scale of Dollar Ponzi Scheme Becoming Apparent-Rob KirbyBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial expert Rob Kirby says global central bank fraud is propping up the economy.  Kirby contends, “The amount of fiat money that has to be created on a go forward basis rises exponentially over time.  So much, much money is being created whether the Fed says they are ‘tapering’ or the Fed says they’re not ‘tapering’ is irrelevant to what is really happening.  The money is being created, and they have to find places to hide it.  What else has happened?  Internationally, we see the likes of Russia and China basically setting up to trade in other than dollars because they know what’s going on with the dollars, and they know too many dollars are being created.  They know this story of too many dollars being created ends very badly. . . . Fiat money by its very nature is designed to fail.  Fiat money by its nature needs to be increased.  Fiat money at the beginning has a very shallow incline, and then you hit an inflection point where the amount of fiat money being produced literally has to go vertical.  We are into the vertical part of that curve now.”

Kirby thinks the inflection point was the 2008 financial meltdown.  Kirby, who has 15 years’ experience as an international derivatives broker, charges, “The only thing the monetary elites can do to prolong or delay that inflection point is by lowering rates.  By pushing rates to zero, which they did roughly 7 years ago, basically bought them some time.   A lot of things the central bankers have been doing are nothing but buying time.  In terms of the money that is being created, it’s really starting to hit home, and it’s really starting to become apparent the true scale of this Ponzi scheme.   We see a little nation like Belgium, with their $480 billion GDP, in the last three reporting months . . . put $141 billion worth of U.S. government securities into their reserve account.  They are now holding something like $340 billion in their reserve account.  This is absolutely absurd.  This is something that wouldn’t pass as a prank in the schoolyard.  This is an international game of hide the salami.  The dollars have to be created, and the central bank is running out of places to hide it.”

Kirby goes on to explain, “People think it’s outrageous that the Federal Reserve has a $4 trillion balance sheet.  Try a $10 trillion balance sheet, and try a $10 trillion balance sheet in another sovereign’s debt.  It’s absolutely absurd and ridiculous.  This is high fraud.  What it shows is that this is not a problem that is with just America anymore.  It shows the real problem is with central banking and fiat money itself.  Fiat money and central banking are not the offspring of capitalism.  They are the central planks of the communist manifesto.  They are socialist and communist in nature.  The real problem is with the money itself.  We need to revert back to real capitalism which is real weights and measures and honest commerce.  Otherwise, we are going to devolve into a very dark period of feudalist oppression.” 

Why is this happening?  Kirby thinks, “It doesn’t really matter who occupies the Oval Office.  The office of the President has been captured, and it has been captured by the bankers.  We are living under banker rule.  This is a big problem.  Bankers are soulless.  Bankers have no nation.  Bankers are a religion unto themselves.  It’s a cult, and it’s dangerous.”  Kirby goes on to say, “At this point, there is going to be pain no matter what we do. . . . At some point, the whole thing will unwind, and hopefully it will not do so in a cataclysmic fashion.  I hope it will not do so with a push of a button that will start a nuclear war.  You can get truly dark when you start thinking how this might end.  I’d like to think saner heads might rule the day.  What we are witnessing in real time is this experiment with central banking, and fiat money is failing.  The evidence is written all over the walls.  It’s completely clear.  Anyone who is not paying attention to this, at this point, is delusional.” 

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