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Guest post from John Wilder

“Wow. Anybody watching must’ve thought this was a negative reality inversion.” – The Young Ones

Jenner might join the Marvel® movie universe – I hear they’re casting for ex-men.

I lost a job once, not because I didn’t do what my boss asked me to do, but because I wouldn’t tell him I thought just like he did.

When he asked me to do something that wasn’t illegal or immoral or fattening or didn’t violate my principles, I’d do it since that’s the definition of “boss”.  But no.  He wanted me to admit that my opinion was wrong.  I refused.


My opinion is mine.  I’ll do (mostly) what the boss says at work, but there is nothing that will make me give up my soul.  And telling him I agreed with him when I didn’t was a gulf I couldn’t cross, because my virtue is more valuable than money.


Why did Tucker Carlson get sidelined by Fox®?  I think it’s a business model.  I cut the cable some time ago, and hadn’t watched Fox News™ for quite a while, mainly because they seemed to be, like Sean Hannity, just a spear carrier for whatever the message is that he was supposed to carry that particular day – he never had an original idea, and his commentary was so between the lines that he was being the television equivalent of a Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy or a bucket of warm spit.

But since they fired Tucker?  Wow.  Maybe I just missed his evolution, but since he’s been at Tucker on Twitter™ he’s thrown out bomb after bomb, right on target with some of the most cogent and, dare I say, dangerous analysis of anyone with a major media voice.

I think Tucker is singlehandedly killing cable news, the MSNBCNN® model of cable news was long on the verge of death, and Tucker now has more views on a single Twitcast® than all of cable news, plus probably most television shows.  Combined.  That’s the power of the Truth.

What’s the difference between the FBI and the CIA?  Acronyms.  Plus, one killed JFK and the other killed MLK.

I had long talked about inversion.  It wasn’t me who coined that term, and it’s been long enough that I can’t remember where I first saw it – probably Vox Day was the one that brought it to my attention using the idea of Satanic Inversion – take a virtue, invert it, and glorify it.

It really defines a lot of what we see today.  My parents taught me that humility was a virtue.  The inversion?  Pride.  What is June?  Oh . . . an inversion.  My parents taught me that chastity was a virtue (to be fair, I did my best to actively not be chaste when I was in high school because drive-in movies were still a thing) but now the virtue is indulgence.  If it feels good, it must be right.

Certainly, there are no trails of childless women who pursued meaningless hookups in their 20s and then found that, their youth and innocence spent, that they were incapable of finding a decent man.

Oh, wait, that’s exactly what happened.

If those women did find a decent man, they were so addled by the mindless sex that they’d had that they were incapable of bonding into a proper relationship.  They found themselves doomed to single motherhood or the life of a lonely, bitter spinster or in a relationship where they might become bored in an afternoon and blow it up for the dream of a man that had dominated them when they were 22. 

I wonder what the bikini waxer will say to her when she’s sixty?

Virtues are virtues for a reason.  They matter, and when we toy with them, we toy with the very foundations of civilization itself.

When it comes to economics, the virtue was to save and be frugal and build.  Now?  The virtue is to be like BlackRock® and, well, say things like, “It’s not who the president is – it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president,” and “You’ve got $10,000?  You can buy a senator,” and, “War is real f*****g good for business.”  Don’t’ believe me?  Here it is in the words of someone who works for Blackrock™.

To be clear, BlackRock® has $9,000,000,000,000 in assets that they manage.  So, they can crush anyone they want to like a bug.  Don’t like something someone says?  With spare pocket change they can buy the company that person works at, and have them fired.

Which might explain Tucker’s recent free time.  In Tucker’s latest video, he talks about “inversion” of morality.  I have zero hubris to think he’s reading me, but the fact that the concept has made it to a person that can get 100,000,000 views a video means we’re winning.

And BlackRock® will loose a few hundred million on Fox™.  I think they have that in their couch cushions.

It also explains the reason that Tucker got sidelined.  Blackrock® owns 15.1% of Fox Corp.®, the parent of Fox News©.  If you want to buy a president, it makes sense to own the news.  They also own 12% of CNN™.  And 13% of Comcast™ which owns MSNBC®, NBC™, CNBC©, and Sky®.

BlackRock™ wants to own the media.  I mean, with $9 trillion they can control the media, own what Tucker says (if he works for them) and get all the war they want, because, in the words of their own employee, “War is real f*****g good for business.”

That?  That sounds exactly like an inversion of values to me.  Getting rid of Tucker had nothing to do with anything but this:  he was against war, which as probably really f*****g bad for business at parasite companies like BlackRock©, who produce nothing but profit from every misery on Earth while cloaking it in the preening moral finery of people who worship at the Leftist inversion values of “Environmental (Live in the pod, eat the bugs!), Social (Illegals are good for business!) and Governance (I get to choose the incompetent people on the board who never would have gotten a board seat without me).

We are faced with a world where the inversion of values is celebrated, and actual, real values and virtue are hated.

Case in point?  Hunter Biden.  Real people who are caught on camera with handguns doing crack do time – hard time in federal prisons.  Income tax issues?  Ditto – the one thing Uncle doesn’t like is shorting him on his part of the take, yet Hunter gets a pass.

He seems happy.  I wonder if he got childrens’ hair to sniff for Fathers’ Day?

But Hunter?  Hunter will keep selling his fake art for hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who allegedly want favors from his father after selling exactly zero alleged expertise to Ukrainians and Chinese for allegedly tens of millions of dollars that he allegedly funneled to “the big guy”.  Allegedly.

Thankfully, the media is all over this.

What?  They’re all owned by BlackRock™ who thinks “War is real f*****g good for business”?  And the media is silent about what is likely the biggest corruption scandal in the very history of the country?


The very wonderful thing about this is that it won’t stand.  It can’t stand.  Not because we’re powerful, but because the inversion of virtue brings, ultimately, the inversion of prosperity and success.

The way to prosper financially in this environment is to give over to the inversion and engage in all of the inverted virtues that firms like BlackRock™ take as their sacrament and holy scripture.

The success, though, is fleeting.  The cost is high.  Think Joe Biden looks at the perverted wasteland of his family and feels any pride?  Well, bad example, since Joe traded his metaphorical (and maybe literal) soul long ago and probably the strongest emotion he feels in 2023 is the desire to have his tapioca pudding at exactly 11:45AM.

Joe must be so proud.

But if I ascended the highest halls of power, and saw my progeny was as decadent and useless as Hunter, I would know that I had failed at my most fundamental duty as a father.  And if I looked at the country and saw the destruction I had created, I would know that I was a failure as a leader.  Despite all of my power, I would know that it would have profited me little to have gained the whole world, having lost my soul.

Looks like Tucker understands that, too.  He’s playing a game on the big stage, and naming those who are inverting everything of value, everything that has brought harmony and goodness to the country.  He could just sit in his basement with tens of millions of dollars, which is just what BlackRock© wants him to do, because that would be real f*****g good for business.

I guess Tucker decided he wouldn’t give up his soul.

So, Tucker decided he would fight.  Because virtue is more valuable in money.


Via wilderwealthywise.com


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