UK Paedophiles Are Free To Look But Not Touch

By Lizzie Bennett


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Note: This was sent to me by Bex, a regular reader of Underground Medic. I have published her views because she is right. She speaks for the vast majority of the British public, and as such her words need to be heard. Liz


Have you ever been ashamed to admit you’re a citizen of your own country? Today I am. How dare the British government declare that the United Kingdom is a civilized nation when they declare that many paedophiles will be free from prosecution provided they only look, but do not touch their victims?

There are apparently some offences against children that no longer warrant prosecution.

The news that up to 50,000 paedophiles will face not criminal charges or even a criminal investigation for downloading indecent images of children disgusts me. Even watching live streamed child abuse on the internet will in many cases not lead to prosecution. This has left me with the taste of bile in my mouth and simmering rage in my belly. I am with every fibre of my being, utterly disgusted.

I am disgusted with a government that will gladly spend millions of taxpayers pounds to set up and fund useless studies and quangos but cannot afford to invest in extra resources to protect our young. I am disgusted in the National Crime Agency and its head Mr Keith Bristow who was earlier this week quoted in a BBC news report as saying:

“It is uncomfortable because… we want to see these people in the criminal justice system. But in my judgement, if there are 50,000 people involved, we won’t be able to identify all of them and we won’t necessarily be able to bring all of them to justice.” (source)

Uncomfortable? That’s a good word…its also an entirely inappropriate one for what he is telling us. Uncomfortable for whom Mr Bristow? The hundreds or possibly thousands of children you are allowing to be abused for the sick perverted pleasure of paedophiles? Or the for Paedophiles themselves? Or maybe you mean uncomfortable for you, for your position and for your agency?

Essentially what Mr Bristow of the NCA is telling the world is that there will be no accountability, or need to fear arrest if all you did was look. Those who commit ‘contact offences’ might be in a bit of trouble, but if you just watched its cool! Well guess what Mr Bristow. It’s NOT cool. It’s NOTuncomfortable. It’s an absolute disgrace! It’s a national disgrace that has incensed and disgusted millions of Britons.

To allow these sick and twisted individuals, those that derive pleasure from witnessing the abuse of children, to escape the criminal justice system, is not only only morally wrong it’s a travesty of justice on every level. These people, these paedophiles, are below human. They are the lowest forms of life on the planet, and by announcing to the world that you will not hunt down and prosecute EVERY single one of them, you may as well have granted them a free pass to continue in their actions.

If there were no demand for images and videos of kids being abused there would be no need for a supply. Letting  viewers and ‘fans’ of this horrendous business  off the hook, is sending the message that the chances of getting caught, investigated and prosecuted are minimal, if not zero.

I wonder how the children in those pictures coped with life today? I wonder how the young girl who was brutally raped live on webcam feels when she closes her eyes to sleep. I wonder how David Cameron, and Keith Bristow and the hundreds of other ‘officials’ can live with themselves for failing so miserably in their protection of the ones most vulnerable in our society. I wonder if anyone in a position of power will ever ‘get it’ and simply announce zero tolerance on ANY form or level of paedophilia.

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Contributed by Lizzie Bennett of Underground Medic.

Lizzie Bennett retired from her job as a senior operating department practitioner in the UK earlier this year. Her field was trauma and accident and emergency and she has served on major catastrophe teams around the UK. Lizzie publishes Underground Medic on the topic of preparedness.

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