Uncle Sam Cracks Whip in Backyard with a Decrepit Hand

You could hardly make it up. This week, addressing the Davos summit in Switzerland, via video link, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned Russia for interfering in American elections and those of other countries.

The next day, Pompeo was declaring the elected leader in Venezuela “illegitimate” and endorsing an obscure opposition figure as the “recognized president”.

Underway in Venezuela is a coup d’état led by Washington. The country is precariously on a knife-edge of civil war, following the US’ audacious move to delegitimize the government in Caracas.

Uncle Sam Cracks Whip in Backyard with a Decrepit Hand

This is Washington’s interference in the sovereign affairs of another nation – writ large.

And yet the US government and media have the brass neck to accuse Russia of “interference”. Let the world see the USA for what it is – the United States of Arrogance, the United States of Absurdity.

Venezuela faces a foreboding next few weeks. Already the country has been racked by economic chaos – caused in no small part by US sanctions – and persistent street protests, whipped up by Washington’s years-long meddling.

If the violence escalates, US President Donald Trump has warned that “all options are on the table”, meaning possibly a military intervention by Washington. This US script for regime change is so worn out, so predictable, so deplorable.

Russia, which is allied with Venezuela’s elected government of President Nicolas Maduro, has condemned the flagrant violation by the US. Moscow has also warned against any US military intervention, saying it will lead to further mayhem. Maybe that mayhem is exactly what the US is betting on. After all, history shows that when Washington does not approve of a foreign government then its habitual recourse of action is to incite instability and precipitate a failed state, which then allows the US to try to impose its dominance.

Latin America has been viewed by Washington as its “backyard” for the past two centuries. If the Southern Hemisphere does not toe Uncle Sam’s line, then “recalcitrant” countries are forced to “cry Uncle” under pain of military attack, subversion, death squads or economic strangulation.

The imperialist arrogance of Washington towards nominally independent nations is astounding. Most infamously, Cuba defied the US hegemonic overlord by choosing a socialist political system nearly 70 years ago, and for the past seven decades that diminutive island nation has been subjected to a vicious trade embargo as well as countless military aggressions.

Venezuela likewise chose a democratic path of socialism over 20 years ago with the election of Hugo Chavez. Washington has never forgiven that divergence from its hegemony, and for the past two decades has imposed sanctions and hostility on the South American nation.

The “threat of a good example” is never tolerated in Washington’s presumed backyard. Any move towards democracy and independence must be expunged with absolute iron fist. Washington’s preening rhetoric about democracy and law is a travesty of its actual tyranny.

Nicolas Maduro was elected for the second time last May to serve as the country’s president (he took over from Chavez in 2013 after the latter’s death). Maduro has vowed to continue pursuing a socialist form of governance. The US has been agitating a coup in the oil-rich country for the past two decades with sanctions and funding of opposition groups.

Maduro’s re-election won 67 per cent of the vote – albeit with a large abstention figure. His government is the legitimate authority of Venezuela, verified by the country’s National Electoral Commission. Following Maduro’s inauguration earlier this month, the US has ramped up its efforts to delegitimize his mandate.

That move by Washington culminated this week with the blatant orchestration by the White House to declare the obscure opposition figure Juan Guaido as the “recognized president”.

In fell swoop, Washington is declaring the election of Maduro null and void, and urging Latin American countries and other allies to similarly recognize the opposition as the authorities.

Washington’s policy is liable to tear Venezuela apart. The “master of regime change” is at it again. Having caused so much mayhem just recently in Syria and the Middle East, Washington is presuming its role as arbiter of Venezuela’s fate.

Shamelessly, Washington’s vassals and satraps are rowing in behind its outrageous interference in Venezuela. Several rightwing governments in Latin America have predictably jumped at the sound of Uncle Sam’s whip to gang up against Venezuela. Britain, Canada and the European Union have either backed Washington’s usurpation of democracy in Venezuela or meekly gone along with it. The UN and EU have limply called for “calm” and “dialogue” when those organizations should be unequivocally condemning the US for infringing Venezuela’s sovereignty.

Venezuela will be no push over, however. The country’s defense forces are standing with Maduro’s government, and defense minister Vladimir Padrino has condemned “US aggression”. Venezuela’s Supreme Court has declared the opposition’s claim to the presidency as unconstitutional.

Abroad, Venezuela has the support of several neighboring countries, including Mexico, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Russia has emerged as an important international power calling for respect for Venezuela’s sovereignty and the legitimacy of President Maduro. Other foreign supporters include China, Iran and Turkey, who have also denounced the US-led offensive against Venezuela.

It is paramount that international law, sovereignty and the principle of non-interference be upheld. What Venezuela is demonstrating is which powers in the world are the rogue states.

The United States and its various minions, including European and NATO powers, have shown absolutely no regard for international law and sovereignty. We only have to look at the abject turmoil of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and many other countries, to quickly see that truth.

Latin America bears the horrific scars of US imperialism over centuries. We may refer to the coups, fascist regimes and death squads which Uncle Sam bequeathed. Today, the people of Venezuela are again suffering the “benevolence” of the psychopathic Uncle from el Norte.

Nevertheless, the events may show that the Uncle is now a decrepit old tyrant whose malign designs no longer match the multipolar reality of today’s world.

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