Viral Video Shows Exactly How Misinformed Americans Are Due to War Propaganda

Aaron Nelson


What country in the Middle East do you think is the greatest threat to world security?

A decorated Iraq war veteran by the name of Adam Kokesh invited random strangers off the street to play a game of Middle East trivia and was kind enough to film the entire thing.

Even if your eyes have already been opened, you’ll think this video is awesome. Trust me.

In the video, Kokesh, who was endorsed by Ron Paul in New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district 2010 race, challenges random Americans with trivia about countries from the Middle East. Several contestants display an embarrassing lack of geographical knowledge and fail to find legitimate answers that make any sense at all.

At the end of the video Kokesh reveals that, unbelievably, there is one country that fits as an answer for every question.

What is revealed at the end of Adam’s Middle East trivia game leaves its contestants speechless. In fact, I’d wager the game has likely changed their lives.

Excuse me while I take a second to pat you on the back for finding The Anti-Media. Why? Because videos like these clearly demonstrate the effects media propaganda that the ‘War on Terror’ has had on our society. Words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate all of you for identifying with us. Thank you.

Please, share this knowledge everywhere! Make it viral.

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