Virginia Shooting Hoax? Crisis Actors’ “Mission In Life” Is Gun Control


Editor’s Note: What do you think really happened here? Because some people really aren’t buying the official line on this one… Then again, it is distracting everyone from the impending economic collapse for at least a little while, and it fits right in with the establishment’s war on the 2nd Amendment.

Via Activist Post:

YouTube reporter Redsilverj exposes the same ole’ crisis actor script in latest Virginia shooting. Alleged family members appear on TV the same day their loved one is brutally murdered. They show very little emotion except fake anger to promote gun control legislation.

It’s always telling when the White House immediately agrees. “Virginia shooting shows desperate need for gun control,” says the White House. Hillary Clinton is also using this televised shooting to tout more gun control.

Gun-control false flags are getting comically sloppy. Soon the masses are going to realize the magnitude of the scam. That will not be pretty for all the people selling this nonsense as real events.

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