You Tube is Even Worse Than Big Brother, They DELETE HISTORY Altogether.

by Sean,

Ok, I’m feeling fairly devastated at the moment. More than 1,000 videos and interviews and more than 345,000 subscribers, gone.  You Tube terminated my You Tube channel this morning by giving me a third ‘community guidelines’ strike within a three month period.

You Tube is worse than Big Brother. In Orwell’s 1984 Winston merely altered history in newspapers to hide the truth, You Tube is deleting history all together.

I have not even received an email from You Tube explaining what the offense was that led to this third strike so I do not even know what video or interview it was for. But I can assure you that nothing in my videos or interviews actually breaks any of You Tube’s vague ‘community guidelines’ which state:

None of my videos or interviews promoted anything other than the cause of liberty. But you all know that. The enemies of our freedom, the enemies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights cannot beat us in the court of public opinion or town square on You Tube so they must silence us completely.

So my channel is now gone. And in my opinion, You Tube has broken the law with what Robert David Steele described to me today as tortious interference. You Tube has also defamed me with the termination of my channel by suggesting to the public at large that I am somehow the type of person who would post videos that were offensive, or damaging to the community. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This will not be the last you hear from me about this issue. I will be posting a new video on my back up You Tube channel later today if I can get logged in – but I am having trouble with too. My password no longer seems to work.

But I do want to thank all of the wonderful people who have already reached out to me today. Among those are, Harley Schlanger, Mike Adams, Chris Duane, Aaron and Melissa Dykes, Robert David Steele, Jon Robberson and the Hagmanns, Jordan Sather, V the Guerilla Ecomomist, Frank from Quite Frankly, Erin T. Scott (who made a nice video about the termination of my channel), Bill Holter, Kerry Lutz, Sarah Westall, Gonz Shimura, Tracy Beanz, Bix Weir, Will Lehr, and of course my good friend and SGTreport contributor Matt.

And thank you to so many of YOU who have also reached out to me.  Lastly, thank you to my Patrons who support me over on Patreon. As you can imagine, my You Tube channel was a big part of my life for the past 8 years. I treated it with care and took great pride in posting quality, truthful information, and somehow I will carry on.

You can expect more from me very soon, please subscribe to my back up You Tube channel which you can find HERE.

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