100 Years Ago: Commemorating Victory in the “Great War”. “Stirring the War Drums for the Next Big War”

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

On November 11, 100 years ago, the First World War ended. At glamorous commemorative events, Western leaders will shed thick crocodile tears over the “twentieth-century catastrophe.”

However, this does not stop them from stirring the war drums for the next big war on behalf of the ruling elite at the same time: The US-led Nato exercises in Norway near the Russian border with 50,000 soldiers from 31 countries ever before the “emergency”, the two Great powers, Instead of “kneeling down” on the occasion of this centenary of the million victims of the largest military conflict in world history to date, the leading Western elite seeks sole world domination and gigantic war profits.

Reports from contemporary witnesses of the Great War from 1914 to 1918 remind us of what war means to combatants and civilians alike Russia and China are already preparing for war to protect their countries. But the Godless and history-forgotten warmongers of the Deep State and their puppets in politics and corporate media will not stop even in the face of these terrifying contemporary witnesses.

“The eyewitness accounts of the war crimes in Serbia caused horror in the civilized world.”

Commonly, the First World War is referred to as the “twentieth-century catastrophe” because one would not understand European history without a thorough examination of this great war. He determined the course of the 20th century – until today. One example is the wars in ex-Yugoslavia. The “catastrophic event” began when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on 28 July 1914 after the shots of Sarajevo and a totally unacceptable ultimatum. This was led by the great and mighty nation with extreme severity and cruelty.

On the occasion of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, the “Serbian Literature Cooperative” together with the “Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals” published the excellently researched historical work “Serbia in the Great War 1914-1918”. It also appeared in English, Russian and German. The authors are two renowned Serbian historians and members of the board of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), Mira Radojevic and Ljubodrag Dimic. In the introduction to the book, they cite their motive: “The authors of this book had the modest intent, born of the desire to reaffirm the scientific results of Serbian historiography, to embed them in the stimulating scientific perception of historians of other cultures, and thus attract attention to direct the shameful effects of a politically motivated revision of history. “This war was waged by Austria-Hungary not only against Serbia as a state, but also against the entire Serbian people. This emerges both from the statements of the German emperor allied with Austria and from the orders of the army command, which she granted to the Austro-Hungarian soldiers during the invasion of Serbia. Everyone knows the well-known “guiding idea” of Kaiser Wilhelm II before the beginning of the war: “now or never.”, Followed by the words: “The Serbs need to be tidied up soon. Everything is self-explanatory, and these are truisms. ” The Austrian cultural critic Karl Kraus has the prevailing Serbian mood in Austria in the World War One tragedy” The last days of humanity “with the winged exclamation” Serbia must die! – whether it’s wüll or net! “In a nutshell

Also the order of General Lothar Elder von Hortstein, commander of the 9th Corps of the Austro-Hungarian Army, which he gave after his troops entered Serbia, revealed the intentions of the great power Austria:

“The war leads us into a hostile country with a population who is filled with fanatical hatred of us; into a country where assassination, as the catastrophe of Sarajevo shows, is allowed even to higher classes, where it is even celebrated as heroism. Against such a population, every humanity and generosity is completely out of place, it is even harmful, (…). I command that during the operations and throughout the war, everyone will be treated with extreme severity, severity and the greatest mistrust. (…) First and foremost, I can not allow non-uniformed but armed inhabitants of the enemy country to be captured (…); they have to be killed unconditionally. Who shows mercy in such cases, we punished severely. “

In order to inform the world of the crimes committed as a result of these orders against the Serbian civilian population, the Serbian government has commissioned a group of criminologists to investigate their character and scope. The famous Swiss physician and university professor Rudolf Archibald Reiss led this group of experts. His first report, based on the facts collected, was entitled: “How Austria-Hungary fought in Serbia.” What is in this report is hard to bear: “The death-style chosen by the executioners was very diverse. Very often the victims were mutilated before or after death. I found the following types of killing or mutilation: The victims were pierced by shots, murdered, their throat was cut with a knife, raped and then murdered, stoned, hanged, killed with shafts and sticks, stabbed, burned alive; there were victims… ” What follows becomes more and more cruel and sadistic.

The reports of Archibald Reiss were confirmed by other doctors and eyewitnesses and “caused horror in the civilized world”.  Shocking facts about the crimes committed in Serbia were also reported by other foreign correspondents, such as the American journalist John Reed and the French politician and writer Henri Barbusse (1873-1935), known for his 1916 war diary “The Fire”.In the book “Serbia in the Great War 1914-1918” Radojevic and Dimic write: “In the words of Henry Barbusse, the population was driven to madness by terror and fear”. For the Austro-Hungarian army began its extermination work when entering Serbia with cruelty and ‘hellish orgies’. ‘How many times I was petrified with terror,’ he says, ‘given the results of the murderous drunkenness, the fires or the sadism of these soldiers who belong to a great country that is proud of its civilization! What Austria wanted, a great and powerful nation, which plundered a small nation, was nothing other than to destroy Serbia, and had sworn to do it systematically, with fire and sword, with destruction and burning down of Towns and villages, and also with the extermination and massacre of the Serbs’. ”


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