16 Reasons Why the United States is Going to Hell in a Handbasket

By M.D. Creekmore


A couple of weeks a go after expressing an urgency to put our preps into high-gear, several readers asked why that I felt so strongly, about it, and why I felt the “the end” was getting close. I think that is a good and reasonable question, so I decided to do a write up, and offer an explanation. As you can see, I don’t think any one problem or event will cause the collapse of the American empire, but a number of separate but interlocking events and issues.

Another point to consider is that the U.S. government has the resources, and inside information that would allow them to foretell when a major disaster or complete collapse is coming and they have been prepping and building underground bunkers on a mass scale and despite the fact our tax dollars are being used to build those bunkers we are not invited.

Free Trade with Communist China

Communist China is not our friend and has overtaken the U.S. economically, and will be in a position to surpass the U.S. militarily within the next ten years. Yet we continue to import, buy and consume their products by the millions everyday. In fact it’s getting more and more difficult to  buy a product in the U.S. that does not have the “made in china” label attached to it. U.S. goods and private services trade with China totaled $439 billion in imports 2012.

Meanwhile china uses those funds to build it’s military might and expand it’s military technology.  The U.S has even been selling and giving china advanced technology that could be used against the U.S.  in a military confrontation. A large portion of that technology has passed from the U.S. to Israel and then from Israel on to China.

In 2012 a pentagon contractor was caught selling military technology to China (no doubt bought with funds that U.S. consumers of “made in China” products had sent them) according to the report they had sold China the software and engines needed to make its first-ever modern attack helicopter.

A break down of the traditional family

America has turned from a nation promoting morality and a belief in God to a nation where anything goes, with the most perverse and ungodly acts being accepted, promoted and even glorified.  And if anyone disagrees, or speaks-out against this immorality they are quickly labeled as promoting hate, bigotry or of being a racist. This quickly shuts most opponents up while simultaneously, implanting the message in everyone’s mind, that those acts in-question are are to be accepted and are somehow cool.

A  break down of morality

Everywhere we turn today we (and our children) are bombarded with images of sex and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, music, and TV. This constant bombardment has promoted promiscuity, and corrupted the minds of the American people and made us into a nation a degenerates and perverts. And in many cases molesters of children and even animals.

According to this report Americans spend 13.1 billion dollars on pornography every year.

Americans spend 13.1 billion dollars on pornography every year, which is the same amount the country spends on foreign aid. More than 260 million Internet pages are pornographic, an increase of 1,800% in just five years. Christian Broadcasting Network said: “We’re living in a sex-saturated society. Even the popular culture is often pulsing to a pornographic beat. Clothing that was seen only in porn magazines decades ago, now drapes some of our most celebrated pop icons

A declining belief in God, the Bible and Christian values

According to a report on The Daily Mail,  “Americans starting to lose faith? Belief in God and miracles declines as Darwinism becomes more popular” from the report;  The number of Americans who believe in God is declining, as a new poll shows a move away from traditional beliefs.  The Harris poll, which questioned more than 2,250 adults about their beliefs, found that those with the strongest faith lived mostly in the South, voted Republican, and were black.  The online poll also showed that more Americans were describing themselves at ‘not very religious’ and that there was an increase in those believing in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

As a nation we are turning away from God and the religious principles that this nation was built on, these founding principles have been what has held us together as a nation and kept us strong, but it seems that we are banning God from the country and our lives.

Declining freedom and turning away from a constitutional government

We have been seeing a decline in freedom for a longtime but after 9-11 the lose of personal freedom, privacy and constitutional rights have been on a rapid decline. Now we are constantly, watched, monitored and recorded, we can now legally be detained and held indefinitely without a trial or due process. And U.S. citizens can even be assassinated on U.S. soil by order of the president.

Just like the imaginary, war on drugs, the war on terror has been used as an excuse to trample on individual constitutional rights and to increase the power of the government and the ultra wealthy that control the country from behind the curtains. Scare the population enough and they will willingly turn over their freedom and rights for a promised margin of safety – even Glenn Beck was so afraid after 9-11 that he supported Patriot Act.

As has been said; and is practiced religiously, by those in power “never let a crisis good  go to waste“, this is also the same tactic that the Obama administration tried to use to destroy the second amendment after the Sandy Hook ordeal

A militarization of  the police forces nationwide

It seems that just about everyday I get emails from readers and read news reports of police abuse of power – everything from shooting and killing an unarmed and handcuffed man, to shooting a suspect in the back while running away, or a man executed by police for camping on public land (did you hear the “officer” yell, Booyah after shooting the man 6 times?), all justified of course,  to police shooting and killing chained and caged dogs. Even puppies and a 5 pound Chihuahua aren’t safe from thugs in uniform.

And now to make matters worse police departments around the country seem to be gearing up for war with military hardware, and tactics. Who do they plan on going to war with you ask, well the American people of course, who else. We are already living in a police state under a “soft” form of martial law, and they are getting ready to tighten the screws down even tighter, that’s why those in power are getting all of this in place.

A one party political system

Many Americans think that they have a choice when they enter the voting booth. Well guess what they don’t – republicans and democrats, democrats and republicans what’s the difference? Neither represent the American people or give one big crap about defending individual rights or the Constitution.

In the U.S. we have a one party system masquerading as a two party system, to give voters the illusion of having a choice and hope for change, but both parties are controlled by the same people who really run the country. The system is rigged and we don’t have a choice…

Corruption of the political system

See above.  As former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura has said; when you spend millions of dollars to get elected to a position that pays a hundred thousand a year, we know those figure don’t add up. They are all a bunch of crooks – money, ego and a hunger for power has corrupted the American political system.

“The truth is there are very few members [of the U.S. Congress] who I could even name or could think of who didn’t at some level participate in that [system of bribery and corruption in Washington D.C.].” Jack Abramoff, professional lobbyist and onetime power broker for the elite of Washington, D.C. (during a CBS’s 60 Minutes interview, Sunday November 6, 2011)

School system used to indoctrinate children

Government ran school systems are nothing more than indoctrination centers for our children, a place where they can be groomed and molded to the liking the government via propaganda that was designed by trained psychoanalysts to make future generations of American citizens into subservient slaves in a Big Brother police state.

When I was going to school, I carried pocket knives, (so did other kids and no one got cut or murdered) and I even read gun magazines in the classroom and no one said anything, other than my teachers asking to take a look at the magazines after I was done. I think they were just glad that I was reading something. I remember one boy bringing a sling-shot to school, and we set up a cardboard box and shot at it with the sling-shot, while the teachers watched.

Now school is like a prison where everything is watched and monitored and any form of free expression is suppressed and quickly beaten down. They are training children to be adults who view being constantly watched and monitored by “authorities”  as normal and even to be welcomed and demanded by a subservient population.

They are also training children to be dumbed down adults that can not think for themselves, to have no personal beliefs, thoughts or opinion other than what they are told by the “authorities” via the government controlled main-stream media.  Children are

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future!

– Adolf Hitler, speech at the Reichsparteitag, 1935

Please read – Hitler Youth… and Indoctrination by Our Public Schools.

A government controlled main-stream media via newspapers, magazines, radio, movies and TV

The stuff that you see on broadcasts like CNN aren’t news or reporting but the controlled media simply spewing forth talking points that have been provided for them by the white house and other government agencies – this has beenadmitted to by main stream “news” organizations.

The corporate media is now openly admitting that they are in fact controlled stenographers that do nothing more than echo pre-scripted narratives outlined in talking points created by the rulers of America’s shadow government.

They use the main stream corporate media to push their agenda and views and to pursued the American people to do and believe what they want them to do and believe all while believing that it’s for their own good and was their decision.  This is called mass media brainwashing and those in power are good at it.

People as drones, as automatons, in some kind of mind-control stupor, while thinking they are living in a free society.  I don’t say this with disdain, but more as matter of fact.

Taking control of the internet…

Just about the only semi-free media left is the internet, and that is why they want to control it. Currently the Obama administration is about to introduce a Chinese-style ID program for everyone and a few other tweaks that will afford government agencies and their controllers to tights their grip and control of everything done and said online.

What Obama has done to free speech is kill it dead utilizing a bias-oriented justice system and governmental control. He has effectively put the gears forward to shut down free speech on the internet, and is now planning an even more erroneous putsch that will destroy freedom of expression completely. Plans are coming into place for a Chinese style thought control program called the “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” which will force every internet user to completely give up their privacy, be labelled, and tracked even further than is usual by the NSA.

And now we have Democrats proposing trolling media, and internet for “hate speech” which will be defined as whatever they say it is. Folks it’s all about control, control of everything you do, control of what you thing and control of what you say, and the best way for those in power to do that is to have full control over all media outlets, including the internet.

Political Correctness is out of control

You might be a racist if you have an American flag, don’t like Mexican food,disagree with Obama policy, but the one 100% guaranteed way to know if you’re a racist is to look in the mirror – if you see a white person looking back at you then you’re a racist – because only white people can be racist. At least this seems to be the general assumption made by the main-stream media andrace-baiters like Al sharpton, who would probably call me a racist because, I own white-leghorn hens or maybe it would be because I own two black giant hens, who knows how he would go, but one thing is certain he would probably find a way to make it racial and the main stream media would be all over it.

By now, I’m sure, that you’ve heard about the LA clippers owner Donald Sterling and his racist, comments that he made to his girlfriend during what he thought was a private conversation. And while his comments were undoubtedly, racist against blacks, those comments are his personal views and no matter how wrong those comments might be or whom those comments might offend, is he not entitled to his beliefs and to express those beliefs in a “private” conversation?

Apparently not. At least according to the NBA, the players, the media and fans nationwide. Because of his private (but recorded) comments he has been banned from attending any NBA events, he will have to pay a $2.5 million fine and they are trying to force him to sell his property, which is the L.A. Clippers team.

While his comments were offensive, and disgusting and he is obviously an elitist prick, should anyone be able ban him from public events, or force him to pay a fine or sell his property for something he said in a private conversation?

Almost as soon as this story broke the race baiter Al Sharpton was threatening to call for an advertising boycott of the NBA during an interview with TMZ if Sterling was not punished for his speech.

And who could forget the Paula Dean fiasco…  where she while under oath during a court appearance admitted to using the dreaded “N word” in a private conversation with her husband in the past, resulting in her being fired from the food network, being dropped by sponsors and having her merchandise pulled from store shelves across the nation. All because of something she said 20 years in a private conversation with her husband.

The list could go on and on, but I don’t want to waste anymore time on this. The race issue is being constantly poked by operatives of the federal government like Al Sharpton to keep racial tensions high and the government controlled main-stream media uses this stuff as a distraction to keep everyone occupied and infighting so we don’t come together and see what is really happening with their corruption, to our country,  to our economy and to our freedom.

They want to keep us divided alone racial lines so that they can better lie to and control us.

An entailment mentality

Sadly, the United states is turning, (some would say it has already turned) from being a nation of producers and working folks to a nation of takers that feel that they are somehow entitled to “free money” for doing nothing but setting an their ass, watching TV, playing video games, drinking, doing drugs and breeding like rabbits, after all the more that they breed and produce the larger their check will get in most cases.

According to http://www.heritage.org/

America is increasingly moving away from a nation of self-reliant individuals, where civil society flourishes, toward a nation of individuals less inclined to practicing self-reliance and personal responsibility. Government programs not only crowd out civil society, but too frequently trap individuals and families in long-term dependence, leaving them incapable of escaping their condition for generations to come.

And according to Statistic Brain there are 12,800,000 Americans on welfare, 46,700,000 on food stamps or SNAP, 5,600,000 on unemployment, with a total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment) of $131.9 billion. Folks these are the true zombies, that will be clawing at your door when the welfare stops coming and they get tired of waiting for the taxpayer to feed them.

Foreign companies taking over big business and buying up property in the U.S.

China and to a lesser extent other nations are buying up business and property in the United States, for example China recently, purchased 90% ownership in AIG’s airplane leasing unit, International Lease Finance Corporation, to a Chinese investor group for approximately $5.28 billion. And according to the same site the Chinese have also bought 80.1 percent of ILFC for approximately $4.23 billion, with an option for an additional 9.9 percent stake. According to its website, ILFC is ‘world’s largest independent aircraft lessor measured by number of owned aircraft.’

And it’s not only airplanes that the Chinese are interested in – CNBC reportsthat the Chinese are on a buying spree and sweeping up every energy and natural resource in the United States that they can get their hands on. And they’re even buying up and taking control of the U.S. food supply – China’s largest acquisition to date of a U.S. company, Smithfield Foods, is raising among market watchers who question China’s interest in taking possession of one of America’s largest food producers – via CNBC.

And they’re not stopping there the Chinese are also buying large chunks of land across America, according to Michael Snyder, it the Chinese are on a real estate buying spree all over America…

Declaring  anyone who doesn’t agree with government policies as having a psychiatric disorder

Support the U.S. Constitution, or disagree with government policy or the policy makers then you might have a  psychiatric disorder. After all according to B.O. we “wrongheaded” Americans need to just trust the government more and everything will be peaches and cream from then on…

Obama: “Wrongheaded” Americans Must Trust Government More

President Obama today said Americans had developed the “wrongheaded” view that Washington won’t look out for them, a fallacy he said was stoked by conservatives and their philosophy that says people are “on their own.”

Disagree with Al Gore and others on global warming then you probably have a psychiatric disorder, don’t want to join the Borg, then you undoubtedly have a psychiatric disorder because Psychiatrists now say non-conformity is a mental illness. Yep, nothing to see here folks, take your meds, and relax, everything is going to be okay. No more “wrongheaded” Americans allowed, you will be assimilated.

Folks this is being done for a couple of reasons, number one if they can legally declare you a nutcase  then they can legally and easily, take away your rights, or lock you up and two no one wants to be labeled or considered a crazy person, so most folks will shut-up and keep their thoughts about the government and governmental policy to themselves.

U.S. national debt at unprecedented levels

As of May 13 2014 the current national debt stands at 17,518,681,450,890 – yep, that’s a lot of numbers, over seventeen trillion in debt and growing fast. To put it into perspective and to see what a trillion dollars looks like click here. How much longer this spending and adding to the national debt can go on before completely crashing is up for debate, but the world is starting to lose faith in the U.S. dollar and are looking to move away from and out of the U.S. currency.

When the world (or a couple key countries) lose faith in the U.S. dollar and stop lending to us, because of our massive  growing debt and our out of control currency printing, the U.S. economy will crash. This won’t happen over night, and has in fact been happening for years, but as we are getting closer to “the end” the whole process will be put into overdrive – we can see this starting now with our lenders using  their dollars to buy euros or yen or gold rather than U.S. bonds.

You see the U.S. dollar is backed by nothing but air and everyone with half a brain knows it – but the fact that many people still view it as having some value, allows you to be able to make purchases with it. But as you can see by the chart below since 1913 the dollar has continually, been decreasing in buying power and will continue to do so… This has been caused mostly by uncontrolled currency printing and increasing debt. For a complete breakdown of how the financial system “works” and is crashing please read  DollarCollapse FAQ’s this is the best and easiest  to understand explanation that I’ve found.


Well there you have it folks – my thoughts and a few explanations of what I think is wrong in America, why we are collapsing as a nation and why I prep.  I could go on forever, and we could get into issues like our failed foreign policy, the three global predator predator nations all fighting for control and to be the leader of the new world order, the corrupt banking system etc… but we will leave that for another day…


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