From Roger:

I cannot adequately express my feelings on this “Nakba Day”.
My feelings of deep sorrow for those driven from their homes under threat of death seventy years ago.
My feelings of compassion for the bereaved mothers fathers sisters brothers uncles aunts grand parents down all these years.
My feelings of utter contempt for POTUS and Ivanka and Kushner and Adelson and the rest of that odious and deadly crew.
My feelings of love for my brothers and sisters in Palestine and all the Palestinian refugees everywhere.
My feelings of love for all my Jewish brothers and sisters, especially in JVP. I see who you are, I could weep today for your steadfast humanity.
My feelings of boundless admiration for all the people of Gaza and the West Bank for their heroic non violent resistance to the brutal Israeli occupation
My feelings of gratitude to South Africa, Turkey and The Republic of Ireland for, this day, withdrawing their Ambassadors from Tel Aviv in protest at the slaughter of the innocent.
My imponderable feelings of pity for Israel.
Israel, how could you forget?



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