Main-Stream Media (MSM): Smoke & Mirrors, Lies & Deceit

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Preface: This is the evolution of an article I wrote several months back titled “Is Freedom’s Worst Enemy the Main-Stream Media”, but never felt I got enough of the point across …

The Mainstream Media is one of the six main tools being used in the final subjugation of We the People, with the other five being Healthcare, the Food Supply, the Education System, the Federal Reserve and Fear. As of now the elite who own and run this corporation we call America, pretty much have a choke hold on all six.

But let’s discuss the MSM because if you control (own) the media you control how a population thinks and reacts to everything from entertainment to religion, social welfare and right on through to warfare. It is within one’s power to shape or reshape the moral and ethical standards of an entire society over time. Using this one tool can effectively shape and mold public opinion to suit one’s needs or justify your actions, and in doing so render all other heinous tools mentioned for mass manipulation much more effective and successful.

Lets take a closer look at the choreographed morphing of a society via the power and influence of the Mainstream Media and understand that, without this dedicated mechanism, the drastic changes we who have walked this earth for at least a half century have seen, would never have taken place, or if they had it would have been to a much less catastrophic degree – IF we had possessed a truly free and uncorrupted system of media.

american-flag-peace_13396_600x450[1]For instance when baby Bush was president we had many peace rallies railing against warmongering even going as far as to label him a war criminal! But in less than five years, with many times the hostile actions taking place across the globe, and through the actions of a Democratic president who ran on the promise of ending this madness, we hear hardly a whimper. Did all the peaceniks suddenly become war hawks? I don’t think so but just how much of this do you hear about on the MSM today as compared to only about five years ago?

It used to be if a president or his cabinet made a huge OOPs or generated a scandal it was national news with something as trivial (by today’s standards) as Oval Office sex threatening to bring an administration to the ground. But now, regardless of the transgressions or the tyranny, it is hidden, covered up or justified in some perverse fashion as being for our protection or beneficial in the scheme of things or just flat out ignored.

So did the vast majority of Americans suddenly become ignorant or chronically apathetic? One might suspect both and the sad part is … it is all by design.

f38f45a49177b63c4f09e1f62ecced85[1]If you wished to remove the ability or the right of citizens to posses firearms but knew this to be an unpopular endeavor with a large segment of the population, what better mechanism than for the MSM to convince (through a constant barrage of propaganda) the majority of the media-addicted populace (using what may be false flag events) that those wishing to retain their firearms are evil or psychotic people only wishing to perpetrate harm on them, and thus bring undue pressure to see all guns banned and through the fear generated eliciting support for unconstitutional restrictions and laws.

The ability of the MSM to play segments of We The People against each other for their puppet masters’ gains and our losses is powerful beyond compare and demonstrated daily. Keep the sheep entertained with mindless and meaningless drivel, or divided and bickering among themselves and you can perpetrate and perpetuate your agenda almost undetected upon he herd.

And their list of available vehicles of distraction and manipulation is long, including race baiting, abortion, religion, fear, debt, climate change, Muslim terrorists, drugs, etc … Is it any wonder the average American sheeple wishes only to retreat into their safe little personal bubble unaffected by all this madness and isolate themselves from it as much as possible?

We The People have never been a society truly involved in the functioning of our government but the detachment seen by a majority of the population today is chronic bordering on fatal and again intentional.

?????????????????????????This entire process is called the Dumbing Down of America and thanks to the MSM it has worked pretty damn well! So mission pretty much accomplished by one of the most effective and monstrous mechanisms ever developed by man’s mind to control mans mind, Mass Media! Every tyrannical government in modern times has used this diabolical mechanism to perpetrate evil in the pursuit of the total subjugation of its people, and done so in a hugely successful manner! We The People have no special immunity to what may just be freedoms worst enemy. We are left with only two choices, one being to wake up, speak out and live free or the other, to fade passively into subjugation …

I chose the former, and you???

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