The 9/11 Truth Movement 15 Years Later: Where Do We Stand?

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[Note: the purpose of this article is not to debunk of official conspiracy theory about 2 aircraft bringing down 3 buildings and other such nonsense, or to present an alternative theory, but to evaluate how much the 9/11 Truth movement has achieved in the past 15 years.]

It has been 15 years since the terrible events of 9/11 and it is now a good time to look back at what the 9/11 movement did achieve, but also at where it failed. The biggest and most obvious failure was, of course, the failure to prevent the bloodbath the Empire calls the “GWOT” (Global War on Terror) and all the other wars which the GWOT, in turn, generated in Northern Africa, the Middle-East and elsewhere. Yes, at that we did fail, but I am not quite sure that the blame for it can be put on the 9/11 Truth movement. Let me explain.

The intelligence process is sometimes described by the “three As”: acquisition, analysis and acceptance. If we compare the 9/11 Truth movement with an intelligence agency working on behalf of the people of our planet, then I would argue that we brilliantly succeeded in the first “A”: acquisition.


We now have made public many Gigabytes of video, audio, texts, radar, seismic and other materials recorded on 9/11 – more than enough to establish at the very least a “probable cause” to demand a new, independent and legally empowered investigation of the events of 9/11. From the dust of the WTC buildings in DC to the exact radar track of AA77, UA175 and AA11 – the 9/11 Truth movement has collected an enormous amount of forensic data which is now publicly available for analysis.


On the analysis aspect, after a rather long series of false starts, due mainly to the enthusiastic efforts of well-intentioned but technically incompetent volunteer researchers, the 9/11 Truth movement eventually began to recruit an impressive array of scientists, engineers, architects, pilots, military officials, etc. And the result of their work has been nothing short of formidable. At lot of that (peer-reviewed) analysis is now available on the website of the Journal of 9/11 Studies ( and has even resulted in an impressive “consensus findings list” ( which is also publicly available. A good example of this kind of rigorous scientific analysis can be found in the paper “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” published by the The Open Chemical Physics Journal in 2009:

If much of the acquisition was initially done by amateurs, and if some, but not all of the analysis, was also done by amateurs (including brilliant ones, like physics teacher David Chandler who single-handedly forced NIST to admit to free-fall acceleration for 2.25 seconds – see below), most of the analysis by now has been done by top level academics and scientists who have had such a devastating effect on the official conspiracy theory (that is what the official narrative about 9/11 should be called, a “conspiracy theory” since it centers on a al-Qaeda conspiracy to attack the USA) that the US government has basically had to give-up on defending it (more about that further below).


Most intelligence analysts would agree that acceptance, be it by a government or by a deliberately misinformed public, is often the most difficult one of the three “As” of the intelligence process. This is, alas, were the 9/11 Truth movement has mostly failed. And yet, even the hyper-official and super-politically correct Wikipedia has to admit, most people do simply not believe that al-Qaeda did it. The problem is that this general disbelief has had no result whatsoever on the US political landscape. In a way, this makes sense: 9/11 happened in the beginning of a Republican Administration which, in turn, means that it was planned under a Democractic Administration. Not that I believe that there us much of a difference between the Demoblicans and the Republicrats (Pepsi vs Cola, really), but this simply illustrates two basic facts of the US political system:

1) The US “deep state” is not affected by changes in the White House

2) The US “deep state” is equally embedded in both factions of the “1% Party” in power

In a way, the USA is very similar to the bad old Soviet Union: it is ruled by a Nomenklatura, an “Inner Party” to use Orwell’s expression, which keeps the rest of the 99% in a condition I would describe as semi-serfdom (“semi” because the modern serf can legally leave his place of labor and move to another one). And while the real “deep state” is only a small sub-section of the US Nomenklatura, the entire Nomenklatura is bound to it by a deep sense of class solidarity. This is what primarily explains the collective blindness of quite literally all the US elites about 9/11: just like everybody now knows that Kennedy was not killed by a lone gunman, most people by now suspect that the official 9/11 conspiracy theory is a stupid load of hogwash – but they just don’t see what difference it makes for them and the world they live in. Combine a silent majority and a ruling elite acting in lockstep to deny the obvious, and you have today’s apparent defeat of the 9/11 Truth movement.

In defense of the 9/11 Truth movement, I have to admit that it took me eight years to finally realize what had happened (you can read about how I became a “truther” here). So I am hardly in a position to criticize others for having such difficulties to come to terms with the immense consequences of the “controlled demolition” theory (this is what usually scares people away, the realization that “if 9/11 was an inside job then…”). Another powerful deterrent is the social and professional stigma attached to being a “fringe lunatic” or “conspiracy theorist” (sometimes even “anti-Semite” and “Holocaust denier”) just for daring the question the official fairytale. Of course, the stakes are sky-high: if 9/11 was an inside job, then the US government is not only absolutely illegitimate, it is in fact an occupation government controlled by either foreign elements, or traitors or both. And there are those who will deliberately stick their head in the sands as deep as possible to avoid to have to contemplate the mind-blowing consequences of the undeniable fact that the so-called “land of the brave” is run by an occupation government which has reduced the so-called “brave” to a serf-like status and that several thousands of US Americans have been deliberately sacrificed to induce a mindless patriotic hysteria (with Chinese-made flags and all) to make it possible to use the poorest US Americans as canon fodder in genocidal wars all over the planet. Yes, that is, indeed, a very painful realization: the American Dream is just that – a dream.

There are also two well-known social psychological phenomena at work here: the Asch Conformity Experiment and the Milgram Obedience Experiment. The first one shows that humans tend to see what they think the majority of their fellow-humans see, while the second one shows the power of authority and its ability to make humans act against their best judgment.

Finally, there is also the well-know “where I sit is where I stand” phenomenon at work: any and all those whose livelihood, reputation or personal self-image directly depends on the “respectability” of the system we are living in, including journalists and bloggers”, have a huge interest in rejecting reality and uphold an absurd narrative simply because their own well-being is directly affected by the “system”. In that sense yes, the 9/11 Truth movement is composed of “fringe” elements, of people who have deliberately given up on official “respectability” and being seen as “serious” and who have chosen to say “the Emperor is naked” even if they get sneered at (but rarely debated!) by the million of volunteer sycophants which form the real power base of the regime in power in Washington, DC.

The big victory: World Trade Center 7’s 2.25 seconds of free-fall acceleration

In spite of it all, the 9/11 Truth movement has had a huge victory: it has basically forced the US government to admit that explosives were used to bring down WTC7! Okay, not quite in these terms. But by direct implication, yes. I will not repeat the entire story here, but I will direct you to these two websites:

To make a long story short, NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, has been forced to admit that for 2.25 seconds WTC7 (which, by the way, was not hit by any aircraft on that day), was collapsing a free-fall acceleration. This is only possible if 8 floors of this huge buildings were removed instantly and symmetrically. And that, my friends, is only doable by the use of carefully placed explosives. Here is the full NIST report which I encourage you to read:

The key part is in Chapter 3, pp 45-46:

This is NIST’s explanation for this graphic:

Pretty clear, no? Free fall acceleration for approximately 8 stories or 32.0m (105 ft). Free fall acceleration means that there was no resistance encountered while the top of the building when through the space where 8 floors of reinforced concrete stood just seconds before. We are talking about a building with had 58 perimeter columns and 25 core columns. And yet, 8 floors of that somehow disappeared almost instantly. If you read the full report, you will see that NIST does admit this, but never recognizes the implications of this fact. In fact, under a separate section entitled “HYPOTHETICAL BLAST SCENARIOS” NIST specifically excludes any controlled demolition based on the (completely wrong) assumptions that no blasts were heard (they were, of course). But that is just damage control. The moment NIST admitted to those 2.25 seconds of free-fall acceleration the NIST report was dead in the water. The doubleplusgoodthinking media and blogosphere chose to ignore that. Others, of course, did notice.

This is the latest brochure of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911T) and the issue of WTC 7 is one of the major arguments it makes:

AE911T also published another full report entitled “WORLD TRADE CENTER PHYSICS : Why Constant Acceleration Disproves Progressive Collapse” which also deals with the, shall we say, “acceleration issues” of WTC1 and WTC2 which shows that all three towers fell in a way inconsistent with the official version of events:

Finally, Dr. Robert Korol, professor emeritus of civil engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and a fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, has led a team of academic researchers in preparing two peer-reviewed scientific papers on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. Both papers were published in the Challenge Journal of Structural Mechanics — the first one in July 2015, the second in February 2016.

At this point, it would be fair to say that the 9/11 Truth movement has proven the “controlled demolition” theory beyond a reasonable doubt. This is important because it makes it possible for the 9/11 Truth movement to now enter a completely different phase of its struggle. Let me explain by making a comparison with a hypothetical murder.

The logical investigative sequence

One of the logical fallacies used by the supporters of the official conspiracy theory against the 9/11 Truth movement is to invert the logical investigative sequence of investigation. They typically say something like this: “it would have been impossible to place a sufficient amount of explosives in the Twin Towers (supporters of the official narrative typically don’t like to mention WTC7) so your theory makes no sense”. In reality, of course, this is not how a crime is investigated.

Imagine you find a completely closed room with the body of a murdered person inside. No cop would ever say, “since nobody could enter the room no murder has happened”. That would be ridiculous. What the detective would say is that a murder has, indeed, taken place, but that at this point the investigation does not understand how it happened. Likewise, the external observations of the collapse of WTC 1, WTC2 and WTC7 clearly show that these buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, and that by itself is sufficient to demand a new investigation. The fact that the 9/11 Truth movement cannot explain every detail of what took place on that day cannot be held against it. Now that we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that controlled demolitions did bring down these buildings, it would be the task of the new independent investigation to, well, investigate and explain how what we observed happened.

Of course, no such investigation will ever be allowed by the US “deep state”, that is pretty clear. Besides, it is the credibility of the entire US Nomenklatura which would be threatened by such an investigation, because if it became truly and officially known and understood that 9/11 was, indeed, an ‘inside job’ the consequence of that would be nothing short of “regime change” in the USA, a complete collapse of the AngloZionist Empire. So we are not exactly holding our breath.

Even better, some researchers have done a fantastic job investigating the “how” of 9/11. I highly recommend the reading of the detailed research by Kevin Ryan, the whistle-blower from Environmental Health Laboratories Inc., a subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., (who fired him for daring to question the official version) “Demolition Access to the WTC Towers” which gives a very credible scenario of how the three buildings could have been prepped with explosives and by whom. See for yourself:

I would note that one does not have to agree with every detail of Ryan’s analysis. The importance of his work lies primarily in the fact that it is simply factually not true that the 9/11 Truth movement did not come up with any explanation of how the buildings could have been filled with explosives – it did and that is more than enough to, again, demand an open and legally empowered independent investigation into these events.


I think that the 9/11 Truth movement has been an absolutely fantastic success and that it has achieved every single goal which was achievable in the reality of the AngloZionist Empire. The fact that no real investigation was ever launched or that nobody was ever arrested for the crimes of 9/11 is not the fault of the 9/11 Truth movement but a direct result of the kind of ignorance, passivity and general stupidification which the Empire has successfully imposed on most of its population. Furthermore, while there have been plenty of false-flags since 9/11, none happened inside the USA, at least none involving thousands of casualties. So while “they” (the US “deep state”) did get away with it, “they” probably did not expect to be so strongly and, I might add, successfully challenged by their own population. Of course, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and we might still witness some major false flag inside the USA (say a “dirty bomb” as a way to preempt a election’s outcome?), but at least for the past 15 years this did not happen and if it ever happens (I think that it probably will), it will probably not be as brazen and “in your face” as 9/11 was. As for the already deeply suspicious general public, it will be far less likely to simply buy into the official version and display the same level of patriotic hysteria as the first time around.

I am personally deeply grateful to all those in the 9/11 Truth movement who opened my eyes to what took place 15 years ago: I am awed by the courage, integrity and intelligence of the thousands of people who refused to call an orange an apple:

I firmly believe that any person who does not understand what really happened 15 years ago is also by definition unable to understand everything and anything which has happened since. 9/11 was the seminal event which ushered in our current era and, just for that reason only, it is probably also the single most important event in our recent history. Christ told us that “nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known” (Luke 8:17) and that “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). The Empire has already given up on actively defending its ridiculous conspiracy theory and it now only counts on the indifference and passivity of its serfs to keep the 9/11 Truth movement as officially ignored as can be. When challenged, the regime’s sycophants will always resort to their traditional cocktail of straw-man fallacies and ad hominems. And this is all very good because it shows a simple thing: we are winning.

The Saker

PS: and for those of you who might be truly new to this topic, here are the two movies I most recommend watching about it

911 Loose Change and American Coup:

Fabled Enemies:

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