Pity the Nation – Scott Ritter

March 8, 2022 0

Pity the nation whose people are sheep And whose shepherds mislead them… Pity the nation oh pity the people Who allow their rights to erode and their freedoms to be washed away – Lawrence Ferlinghetti […]


Civil War Becomes Inevitable in the USA

December 15, 2020 0

President Donald Trump placed a portrait of his predecessor, Andrew Jackson, in his White House office. Here we are: the disaster that has been predictable for the past 30 years is looming. The United States […]


Washington’s Iraq Catastrophe

December 31, 2019 0

Brian CLOUGHLEY The Savoyard philosopher Joseph de Maistre died almost 200 years ago, having expressed many opinions, including the observation that “Every country has the government it deserves.” He was an inflexible monarchist who approved of […]


The 9/11 Truth Movement 15 Years Later: Where Do We Stand?

September 12, 2016 0

This article was written for the Unz Review: [Note: the purpose of this article is not to debunk of official conspiracy theory about 2 aircraft bringing down 3 buildings and other such nonsense, or to […]