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A group of sinister aliens from another dimension discover a planet with sentient life. The inhabitants are fairly smart and have an advanced culture with great works of art, literature and architecture. They engage in cooperation and competition, and are constantly warring. They seem to need war and strife to thrive and evolve. The sinister aliens want that planet. They want to perform many social and scientific experiments on its inhabitants. The only problem is that the aliens do not function well in this dimension. The only way they can use the planet’s population for their amusement is to transport the entire planet into their own dimension. The aliens happen to have a device which is capable of such a feat.

This is not a straightforward process because the dimension the aliens come from has a different reality from the one the planet is in. In the alien dimension, concepts and ideas are as real as physical objects. Physical objects can also physically change if a new definition is applied to them. A rock can turn into gold if it is redefined as gold. Machines can run without energy and products appear in stores without needing to be produced. A war can be won by determination alone. People can be made to like you by wishing alone. People can also physically change if definitions are changed. A dumb person can be redefined as smart, an incompetent person can be redefined as competent, an ugly person can be redefined as beautiful, and a man can turn into a woman and a woman into a man through gender redefinition. It is a paradise of possibilities.


The aliens activate their device and Earth jumps dimensions in an instant. Then they watch as the population adapts to the new reality. It’s a resounding success for the most part as the majority embraces the new reality and forgets the old. Then the problems begin …

The text above is a plot description for an outlandish science fiction novel. It could also be a description of what is happening to western civilization – presumably minus the aliens and the other dimension.

It is difficult to put a finger on the essence of a civilization – what makes it unique and different from other civilizations. It is easier if time has passed, providing context. Still, even without time and context, is clear that the main characteristic of the current western civilization is its abandonment of reality. It is not just denial of how badly things are going, leading to delusional thinking. It is much deeper than that. It has become the main thread in the fabric of the West.

The abandonment of reality is the main driving force for everything western, including economic policies, foreign relations and social policies.

This is a problem because operating outside reality will always lead to failure and disaster. Ask any mental patient.

On some level the leaders of the West realize this. Their panic over the Ukraine war attests to that. President Macron believes that losing that war will mean the end of the European Union. He is probably right.

But why would a defeat be the end of the EU? It is likely that a defeat would result in the fracturing of the EU and possibly NATO – the EU’s control mechanism. That is, however, not the ultimate reason the EU will fall. The real reason is that the EU is extremely fragile, and as it consolidates power over its member states and populations, it will become more fragile still.

The reason for the EU’s fragility is that it has been removed from the realm of reality. The foundations of its economy and competitiveness have been removed through its energy and sanctions policies, its governments and institutions are almost solely staffed by incompetents, its education system is failing, its uncontrolled immigration is unsustainable, and it is technically massively bankrupt with trillions and trillions of debt that can never be paid. No society or civilization can survive what has already happened to the EU.

Still, all this is the result of carefully designed policies which have created this situation over the last decades. These policies were meant to create a new reality, another dimension, where everything would be designed to be a part of a utopian control system for the population, like in the sci-fi novel.

A system like this, where both economic and social realities have been abandoned, will not survive any clash with reality.

An unsustainable civilization operating without logic or reason cannot coexist with any sovereign rational civilization with real economical foundations on the same planet. Still, it was believed that this would work because the EU (and the West as a whole) would never have to experience this clash.

The western plan was to move the entire planet into the EU/US parallel dimension. In that dimension reality as we know it would be irrelevant and the planners would be able to do anything they want. There would be no outside competition and no place for the population to run. This was the reason Russia and China had to be conquered. The exit of the West into the other dimension simply couldn’t work with them around. Either everybody shifts dimensions, or nobody does.

We are seeing now what happens when reality is only partially abandoned, with a large part of the planet refusing to exit with the West. Every global consolidation scheme is being thwarted – the latest one being the WHO takeover plot.

Reality, in the form of the Russian Army, is approaching from the east, and political and economic isolation is moving in from all directions. The clash with reality has already started. The reason the EU is consolidating its power over member states and the US is clamping down on everyone and everything who dissents is that both have already started fracturing. Consolidation and control are instinctive responses to things falling apart.

The fall of the EU and the US is not imminent – it has already started and it cannot be stopped.

Unless, of course, the original plan of a planet-wide exit can somehow be implemented. The neutralization of Russia through the Ukraine war and sanctions was the first step of that plan. The economic and perhaps military subjugation of China was the second part. Without any non-western power centers to rely on, the rest of the world would then fall in line automatically with minimum effort. At that point there would be no competing reality with the West’s. Of course the success of the plan will not stop the fall of the West – it will only allow it to be controlled in the desired direction toward the planned science fiction future.

The recent words and deeds of the people running the West clearly indicate that they have decided to give the plan another try. A division of labor has been agreed upon, with the EU tasked with fighting Russia while the US focuses on China. There is no alternative plan. They cannot retreat and change the course of the West toward reality – things have gone too far for that. Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together.

We can see this from how completely the West has abandoned economic and financial realities. The US debt is increasing by a trillion every 100 days, and they don’t care anymore. The US is planning to use its dominance as the “critical global consumer” and what is left of the western financial control system to isolate and subjugate China, even though it will almost certainly destroy the reserve status of the dollar and the rest of the western financial control system.

Debt increase like this, coupled with a loss of reserve status, will create a situation for the US which will amount to an economic Hell on Earth.

They just don’t care about that anymore. An exit from reality is the West’s only hope at this point and they’re all in now.

The EU is the biggest threat to the Plan at the moment because it’s losing control of its debt. If it does, the whole system will come crashing down and an exit to the parallel dimension will be impossible – even for the US. To buy some time the EU has come up with a cunning plan: they intend to default without defaulting.

The problem with the EU debt (like most other debt) is that it has too little collateral – i.e. real things that backstop the debt. Debt without collateral is toxic and destroys everything it touches. To fix this the EU seems to be planning to do away with physical collateral altogether. They are planning a switcheroo, where real things backstopping the debt will be replaced with a concept, or an idea. This concept will probably be based on carbon allowances and “green bonds” – or something like that, and the increased EU control of European companies is meant to force this change. The collateral will simply be redefined and made real through a diktat, like in the science fiction novel! [Hahahahaha!!]

The options for the western populations are grim at the moment. It’s either a dystopian exit from reality in all perpetuity or a total collapse with horrific social and economic consequences. Of the two options, the latter one is better for most people.

There is a third option through; an outright sovereign rebellion – particularly within the EU. The only chance an EU country now has of avoiding these eventualities, even to a limited degree, is to forcefully exit the EU no matter the consequences. The same applies to western vassal states elsewhere, such as Japan and South Korea. An exit from the western system will be extremely painful and difficult, but it will be better than exiting reality altogether.

It is this third option that has got the EU leaders so spooked at the moment. The arrival of Russia to the EU’s eastern border would create an escape route for some EU states. It would neutralize the EU’s ability to hold them hostage and regime-change them. This explains the existential terror of the EU elite and its frantic attempts at neutralizing dissenting countries (and leaders) such as Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. A sovereign rebellion and an uncontrolled EU default are the biggest short-terms threats to the western plan. Expect all stops to be pulled out in Europe against that.

Based on this (somewhat speculative) analysis, a global war is unavoidable.

It will be a full-spectrum war the West will fight – not for the existence of western civilization – but for its subjugation and destruction. It is perhaps the first war in history where a civilization fights a war so it can safely commit suicide. We are actually there.

For a western man like me, with (supposedly) western values, it is shocking how far the exit from reality has reached down to the individual level. Meeting someone who has any clue what is happening in the world, or in the West, is a big and rare event. Still, there are some. Some of them tell me that they want to escape the West because just being here is becoming unbearable.

The parallel dimension is not kind to everybody, it seems. One can only take certain amount of reality distortions, lies, idiocy, and government oppression and corruption before something breaks. Expect more and more people feeling like this and planning their escape. Hopefully they will act before it is too late.


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