Accept That Savagery Is The True Nature Of The World – And Deal With It – Kurt Schlichter

 by Kurt Schlichter

If you want an indicator of how lost Western civilization has become, go to your kids’ school and check their rules on fighting. Most likely, you’ll find out if two kids get into a fight, both get suspended, regardless of whether one was a punk bully who started it and the other was simply defending himself or some little kid. This is a moral disaster, of course – violence in the defense of what is right is a moral obligation and a symbol of a greater rot within society. This is the kind of rule created by middle-aged, divorced cat women who can neither find nor satisfy a man and live in a tranquil bubble of affluent, frivolous safety and security created by their harder, worthier forbearers who understood the world’s true nature.

The true nature of the world is savagery.

The world’s true nature is that good is forever pitted against evil.

That has never changed. What happened over the last 70 years or so was an interregnum of peace in the West, created by violence against barbarians and facilitated by people willfully looking away from the butchery still continuing at the fringes of the map. The West managed to build a civilization that was – for the first time in history since perhaps the Pax Romana – generally internally peaceful. And the West convinced itself that this was normal.

But it was not normal. It was an anomaly, a glorious one, but an anomaly nonetheless. The world is not a peaceful place, and it never was, and it never will be. Despite the best efforts of the arrogant left, human nature has not changed. Human nature is vicious and cruel. Rousseau’s noble savage nonsense, which we are still dealing with today in the form of eager sophomores in Che t-shirts slobbering over Hamas psychopaths – is a giant fraud. Savages are not distinguished by their nobility. Their savagery distinguishes them. And we need to find the moral strength to do what is necessary to defeat them.

We must learn again to kill. We must learn again to destroy. We must learn again to be ruthless in defeating our enemies. The big lie that Western civilization tells itself is that there are no real enemies, that there are no bad people – except the people of the West themselves, who bear some sort of original sin for not being corrupt and inept Third World barbarians.

We do have enemies, as we have seen. We do have enemies, as they tell us. When they talk about decolonization, they are talking about de-you-ization. When they talk about killing settlers, you need to understand that you are a settler, and they mean killing you. They mean raping your daughter in front of you. They mean chopping your baby’s head off. They mean slaughtering your wife or husband, sons and daughters, and even your dog. And they mean enjoying it, reveling in the ecstatic glee of mass murder, and being so proud of it that they call home to their daddies and brag about it, or put up their body cam videos on TikTok.

The world was always a savage place. What happened on October 7 was not an anomaly. It was normality. What do you think happened to sacked cities in the past, which is what these Gaza-adjacent towns in Southern Israel essentially were? The attackers captured their objective, burned and razed the buildings, stole everything they could carry, raped anyone without a penis and some with, and piled corpses in the streets. We’re stunned simply because we forgot what a sack is, but for most of human history, people lived in terror of it happening to them, hoping for the chance to inflict one upon their neighbors.

We in the West, of which Israel is a part and thereby is hated, forgot about this. Worse, we have forgotten our strength and our courage. We have forgotten that we survive not through gentle hugging but through sword-swinging. For example, we have forgotten how to conduct a siege. The idea that Israel should somehow give these Hamas barbarians food, water, and electrical power even if it surrounds Gaza and prepares to attack is mind-boggling insanity. The moral illiteracy of expecting Israel to care more about the Palestinian people than other Palestinians do is simply bizarre.

Remember the Pax Romana? Do you think that peace just sort of occurred because everybody shared their feelings openly and without restraint? Do you know how the Romans did sieges? Let’s talk about Caesar at Alesia. The Gauls had gotten uppity and killed a lot of Romans, so Caesar decided to pacify them. The barbarian leader Vercingetorix took refuge in the hilltop town, and Caesar immediately surrounded it. He had his legionnaires build a giant wall around it to lock the Gauls inside. The Gauls called their friends for help, so Caesar built another wall around his besieging forces to keep the relief column at bay. He starved out Alesia, eventually forcing the Gauls to attack and defeating them handily. Then he took Vercingetorix back to Rome, made him march in chains in triumph, and then had his defeated enemy strangled. This was an important learning point for the barbarians. Don’t screw with civilized people, or everybody dies.

This is how you get a Pax Romana. There’s no other way.

The hard truth is that the world contains bad people who must be crushed through ruthless violence, which shocks and horrifies modern sensibilities. But it is reality nonetheless. When people want to kill you, you are at a decision point. You can either let them kill you or stop them. But stopping them often involves aesthetically displeasing actions, such as blowing them into little bits with bombs or shoving a bayonet into their guts and watching them die in agony. And it necessarily means inflicting death and damage on the noncombatant camp followers around them. That’s why they say war is hell. And that’s why starting one is probably not a good idea. But when someone else starts one, you have to choose them or you. Someone’s going to die badly, and you know, I propose it is those other guys.

The West didn’t start this fight, but it damn well better finish it, or they will finish us. Time to stop being soft. It’s time to stop lying to ourselves. It’s time to stop pretending that human nature took a 180° change a few decades ago and that we are not the same animals we used to be because now we have cars, airplanes, and Instagram.

We are the same brutal, cruel, and warlike creatures we have always been. Every headline, every act of hideous violence, and every pro-genocide cheer by the grad school sociopaths who fetishize Third-World savages, proves it. What we have to do is lift the scales from our eyes, understand the situation we are in, and accept it.

For the last couple of generations, we in the West have told ourselves that we have changed. We told ourselves that we are beyond violence. And we told ourselves that everyone else was too. But that was a lie.

We need to stop lying to ourselves. A society that suspends both kids when one of them slugs a bully is signing its own suicide note.

Even if our leaders refuse to be clear-eyed, you can be. Buy guns and ammunition.


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