The Trump Administration: “Ship of Fools”


The reaction to the Syrian gassing incident shows that the U.S. ship-of-state is being piloted by fools.

Fool-in-Chief is President Donald Trump, who has duly followed the Neocon script by leaping to the conclusion that President al-Assad’s Syrian government is responsible when in fact there is no evidence of an intentional attack. Even if Syrian planes hit a munitions warehouse, the gas had been stored there by anti-government rebels /terrorists. It would be impossible and contrary to common sense that the Syrian government could have done this on purpose, if they did it at all.

Fool-at-the-Podium is Sean Spicer, helplessly trying to justify Trump’s constant descent into nonsense.

Fool-at-the-U.N. is U.S. representative Nikki Haley, who is lately boasting about what a great job she is doing “beating up on Russia.” Trump couldn’t have found a person less qualified for the job if he’d tried. She makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth.

Fool-in-the-Senate is perennial warmonger John McCain, who says we need to ground the Syrian air force. The Arizonans who voted him into office need to get the madman out of there.

Egging them all on is Fool-in-Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We can only hope that Putin has put him in his place by warning him to shut up.

Fools-in-the-Press are the usual U.S. mainstream media and their “fake news,” especially CNN. They all know better.

We all know too that the rebels/terrorists who are attacking the Syrian government have been  instigated, trained, funded and equipped by the U.S. and its proxies in the Middle East and that their attacks are part of the Project for a New American Century implemented by the Neocons after 9/11. Trump is just the latest presidential puppet to be used for their purposes.

These people want to blow up the world, somehow thinking they can escape the fate of the rest of us. They can’t. We are all in this together.

Richard C. Cook is a retired U.S. government analyst.

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