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“Every single morning since I’ve been 27 years old, I’ve got up and someone’s handed me a card like the one I have in my pocket with the schedule on it, of all the things I’m gonna do.

I don’t know what to do if I didn’t have that card.”

— President Joseph Robinette Biden


The name Caligula has become synonymous with sexual depravity and violence, a ruler famed for savage acts of barbarity and carnality. I contest that we have a modern reincarnation of Caligula on America’s shores; personified in a quite public fashion by our alleged President, Joe Biden. Like the Caesars of old, this demented pervert can not contain his foul sexual urges, molesting terrified children on a nearly weekly basis. YouTube montages of this man’s public behavior are appropriately age restricted due to the graphic nature of his pawing. We have watched this man, and many others within the political realm, fall prey to the basest of human desires: pedophilia. Blackmail of this sort has been used by generations of fixer’s — such as Jeffrey Epstein and Roy Cohn — to bend politicians to their master’s will. It has become painfully self-evident that the nations of the once Christian West are ruled by a corrupt and depraved intergenerational criminal cartel; a cartel who holds their pawns in spiritual slavery through sexual bondage of the most horrific nature.


Our taskmasters are not an aberration in this regard, for this monstrous sexual predilection is extraordinarily common amongst the ruling “elite” throughout history. The tales of the Julio-Claudian Caesars of Rome serve as a fitting frame of reference to compare our current ruling class to, for the old pagan ways have returned to the once Christian West in force. The degenerate sexual escapades of the Julio-Claudian dynasty included parental incest, sibling incest, mass public orgies, sodomy, bestiality, cross-dressing, and pedophilia. The Roman historian Suetonius best chronicles the reprobate reign of Caligula (emphasis mine):

It was his habit to commit incest with each of his three sisters and, at large banquets, when his wife reclined above him, placed them all in turn below him. They say that he ravished his sister Drusilla before he came [of] age: their grandmother Antonia, at whose house they were both staying, caught them in bed together…

…He showed no such extreme love or respect for the two surviving sisters, and often, indeed, let his boy friends sleep with them; and at Aemilius Lepidus’ trial, felt no compunction about denouncing them as adulteresses who were party to plots against him – openly producing letters in their handwriting (acquired by trickery and seduction) and dedicating to Mars the Avenger the three swords with which, the accompanying placard alleged, they had meant to kill him.

— Life of Gaius

One of Caligula’s surviving sisters — Agrippina the Younger — would later go on to birth the future Emperor Nero, with whom she would continue the Julio-Claudian tradition of intergenerational incest.


— Bust of Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (31 August, 12 AD – 24 January, 41 AD), “Caligula”


Rape, sibling incest, and pimping out his sisters were just a small portion of Caligula’s sins. While the Emperor Elagabalus is often referred to as the “first” transgender emperor by leftist historians, it was in my opinion Caligula. Let us once again turn to Suetonius and his Life of the Caesars, which describes the personal habits of Emperor Caligula (emphasis mine):

Gaius [Caligula] paid no attention to traditional or current fashions in his dress; ignoring male conventions and even the human decencies. Often he made public appearances in a cloak covered with embroidery and encrusted with precious stones, a long-sleeved tunic and bracelets; or in silk (which men were forbidden by law to wear) or even in a woman’s robe; and came shod sometimes with slippers, sometimes with buskins, sometimes with military boots, sometimes with women’s shoes. Often he affected a golden beard and carried a thunderbolt, trident, or serpent-twined staff in his hand. He even dressed up as Venus

— Life of Gaius


Caligula’s profligate homosexual appetites were only matched by his extravagant financial expenditures. With the treasury dwindling, plots against the Emperor grew. The final straw was his announcement that he planned to leave Rome in order to permanently reside in Alexandria, where he would be worshipped as a living god. His short-lived reign ended when the Praetorian Guard stabbed Caligula to death with his wife and daughter. The Roman historian Cassius Dio famously quipped that Caligula “learned by actual experience that he was not a god”. In Caligula we see shades of our own rulers, for the American ruling regime has become inhabited by the same pagan sprits ruling the nations of yore.


— Caligula is Assassinated by the Praetorian Guard, ill. by Jan Luyken


“Thus, in setting an American agenda for a New World Order, we must begin with a profound alteration in traditional thought.”

— President Joseph Robinette Biden


Unlike the Emperor Caligula, our American Caligula’s reign has lasted for generations. The crimes of the Biden family are long and sordid; from corruption, foreign influence peddling, to sex trafficking and incest. Today’s essay will purely focus on the most vile and underreported aspect of the Biden crime family’s scandals: the intergenerational incest that Joe Biden and his son Hunter have engaged in.

On October 24th, 2020 the National File broke a bombshell story after acquiring Ashley Biden’s journal. The obscene contents of this journal were quickly lost in the chaos of the 2020 election; the Biden Department of Justice however did not forget. On October 25th, 2022, two Floridians pleaded guilty to trafficking in stolen goods for selling Ashley Biden’s diary. By convicting these people for the “crime” of stealing and trafficking Ashley Biden’s journal, the DoJ has de facto admitted that the journal is indeed authentic.

In her rehab diary, Ashley Biden describes all the tell tale signs of childhood sexual trauma. Here are her own words on her traumatic and turbulent childhood (emphasis mine):

“Hyper-sexualized [at] a young age. Was I molested? I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I remember trauma… I remember having sex with friends [at] a young age; showers with my dad (probably not appropriate); Being turned on when I wasn’t supposed to be…

I’m so afraid of him coming in the shower with me that I’ve waited until late at night, to take a shower.”

Given the contents of the journal, it is truly staggering that the DoJ even attempted to bring charges against these Floridians. Due to the utter corruption of our state controlled media, this shocking and disturbing story has been drowned out by asinine stories about cocaine, spy balloons, missing submarines, and stolen Potemkin elections.

Our President molests his own children; given the conduct of said children, likely far worse.

That every single right of center newscaster does not hammer this truth home on a habitual basis speaks to the utterly depraved state of the so called Conservative media.


— Joe Biden ogling his daughter, Ashley Biden.

— Excerpt from Ashley Biden’s diary, in which she admits to being molested and taking “inappropriate” showers with her father, Joe Biden. Source: The National File


Given Ashley Biden’s testimony and Joe Biden’s lifelong public behavior, it beggars belief that Joe’s first wife Neilia was not aware of his aberrant sexual proclivities. Neilia was killed in an auto accident with Joe’s first daughter, Naomi, after being struck by a tractor trailer. According to the driver of the semi, Joe Biden’s wife purposely drove her car into his path after coming to a stop. Despite Joe Biden’s smears against Curtis Dunn, he was never charged with a DUI, and eye witness testimony corroborates Mr. Dunn’s account.

The ex-husband of Jill Biden claims that Joe & Jill’s affair started in 1972, eventually leading to the dissolution of his marriage in 1974. Despite Joe Biden’s protestations — including campaign ads claiming that he did not meet his current wife until 1975 — Jill Biden admits that she “briefly” met her future husband at a campaign fundraiser for his 1972. This paints Neilia’s untimely death just a month later in a much different light, and instead appears to be a deliberate murder-suicide in order to keep her children away from the monster she had unwittingly married.


— Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia Biden, mother of Hunter and Beau.


Perhaps the greatest indictment of Joe Biden’s depraved and debauched mindset is his own public actions. Time and time again, this man is drawn to children like a magnet; grasping and pawing at them in inappropriate places, in full view of the stupefied public. Strangers are not his only victims, as his family has repeatedly suffered these same molestations at campaign and White House events. As you can see below, if this is how he is willing to act in public, can can you imagine what he is up to behind close doors?

— Montage of Joe Biden’s serial public molestation.
— Joe Biden getting cozy with his family.

— Senator Chris Daine’s niece admits that Joe Biden pinched her breast during the Senator’s swearing in ceremony.


— I AM DEIMOS, a recording from Hunter Biden’s laptop.


If Joe Biden’s public actions are reprehensible, his son Hunter Biden’s actions are even more debased than his reprobate father. As always, the pathological need to catalogue their crimes inevitably leads to their exposure. The photographs and texts, pictured below, paint an exceedingly unflattering picture of Hunter Biden, to put it mildly. His own adulterous girlfriend Hallie Biden would not allow her children around him alone, accusing him of being “sexually inappropriate with her daughter.” Hunter Biden’s photo roll attests to his highly suspect infatuation with his pubescent niece.


— Natalie Biden, Hunter Biden’s niece and Beau Biden’s daughter. Just a small sample of the pictures found on Hunter Biden’s phone. Source: The Marco Polo Group.

— Texts from Hunter Biden’s iPhone.


Of the roughly 8,000 pictures found on the publicly available version of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, nearly 1,000 of those images are of his niece. Interspersed amongst these pictures are photos of his genitalia, hookers, and habitual drug use. Given open source interviews and publicly available information, it is highly likely that in the months before his brother Beau Biden’s death, Hunter Biden was sleeping with his sister-in-lawher married sister, and his teenage niece simultaneously. That’s also not including the steady stable of international whores that he had on speed dial.

The evidence of the sexual abuse of Joe Biden’s children are manifest in their lives. Ashley and Hunter Biden’s habitual drug abuse, their chaotic personal relationships, and their admitted hypersexuality at a young age all clearly point toward childhood sexual trauma. The most common form of incest is that of father-daughter, followed closely by father-son. Research of incest cases across 24 countries have shown “that cases of enduring incest are not rare and typically incorporate decades of sexual abuse, frequently result in pregnancies, and commonly incorporate ongoing violence and death threats.” About one third of intergenerational incest victims will perpetuate the abuse within their own family, as is almost certainly the case with Hunter Biden.


“It were better for him that a MILLSTONE were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

— Luke 17:2 KJV


Given the lengthy list of sexual crimes recorded above, it is a fair question to ask which version of Joe Biden is responsible for these vile acts. Over the past several years, public appearances of Joe Biden have drawn increasing scrutiny when matched against the historical record of Joe’s lengthy political career. Even Snopes must admit that the shape of Biden’s ears and face have significantly changed post-presidency. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who’s earlobes have magically attached themselves in their old age.

Do these pictures all look like the same man to you?


— Various versions of Joe Biden during his Vice-Presidency and election.

— The original Joe Biden has his ear lobes detached. The current version of Joe Biden has his right earlobe attached.
— A different version of Joe Biden, during his presidency.
— Joe Biden’s greenscreen gaffe.


While this concept may seem rather off the wall at first, the historical usage of body doubles by the elite is actually quite common. Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky is said to have several body doubles. And that’s before we even factor in the deep-fakery seen above that is already occurring with alarming regularity. There is a practical and a ritual aspect to the practice of elite body doubles, as royal incest and ritual sacrifice played a large role in pre-modern monarchies.

If these bizarre physical quirks and irregularities amongst Joe Biden’s body doubles weren’t enough, we also have numerous instances where Joe has been captured giving Masonic grips, further solidifying who’s pulling the strings of this purposely senile puppet.


— Joe Biden engaging in numerous Masonic handshakes throughout the years.


If this is not a nation under a Romans 1 judgement, then I don’t want to be here to see one. With the return of the pagan spirits in the West, so too is there a return to the pagan practices of witchcraft, occultism, incest, sodomy, and pedophilia. Long before Pride parades ever defiled children’s minds, our politicians were defiling their very souls. This practice has been in place for nearly a century at this point, and likely much longer. Intrepid reporters such as Whitney A. Webb have superbly catalogued the vast control network through which politicians are controlled via sexual blackmail of the vilest nature. The buying and selling of children has been the primary currency through which this luciferian network has maintained their control.

America’s Caligula now resides in the White House. Our president — whichever version is the real one at least — is an adulterous, incestuous pedophile. As a result of their lifelong abuses, his family is filled with drug-addled sex fiends. Hunter Biden, the “smartest man that [Joe] knows”, is an adulterous, incestuous pedophile; exactly like his father. The fact that this debauched deadbeat and his felonious family were selected as the figureheads to rule this country speaks to the even more depraved hidden hand pulling their strings. America’s Masonic shame ritual will continue as long as we are unwilling to say NO.

The sheer slothfulness, intellectual idiocy, and utter depravity of the American populace is a staggering sight to behold. Truly, this family is a reflection of America circa 2023. Most of us are more concerned about our fantasy football teams than the eternal fate of our own children. That we have been ruled by such depraved individuals for so long is an indictment not of them, but of us. We will always have the level of evil that we are willing to tolerate.

We have willingly turned a blind eye as nearly 65 million of the most innocent among us have been sacrificed on the altar of personal convenience.

We have exported death, depravity, degeneracy, and destruction across the Earth.

We have more than earned our leaders, for ultimately they are a reflection of us.



“Let them hate me, as long as they FEAR me.”

— Emperor Caligula

Further Research

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