American Empire on FIRE!

By Tedbits

It is clear that US FOREIGN POLICY and unfolding military weakness is creating a vacuum that is quickly degenerating into what could be the beginnings of World War III.  The biggest victim will most certainly be the US DOLLAR.  Dennis Gartman repeatedly emphasizes the World’s Reserve currency also must be the dominant MILITARY power.  HE IS CORRECT.  They have gone hand in hand in EMPIRES throughout history.  Now the administration in Washington is on RECORD saying we will no longer be the dominant military power.   They have demonstrated this repeatedly over the last 6 years.  Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Taliban prisoner swap, Ukraine, and the South China Sea are abject surrenders to belligerents in one form or another.  Now that these patterns are firmly established, escalation by all can be EXPECTED.  The administration is openly committed to downsizing the military and removing the ability to fight on two fronts around the world.  No American allies can reliably expect the US to honor defense treaties.  They are now written on DISAPPEARING INK!  Some realize it and some are WAKING UP rapidly.

BARELY covered in the Main stream media the news out of IRAQ is of MASSIVE CIVIL WAR.  Al Qaeda has captured the two largest cities after Baghdad.  The Kurds have taken Kirkuk and armies are marching on Baghdad (just 80 miles away) as I write this.  Previously captured territories have handed insurgents many oil fields and billions of dollars from captured banks.  Bottom line is that this country is breaking apart along sectarian lines into pieces: Sunni, Shite and the Kurds.

Regional conflicts are spreading like WILDFIRE.  Iraq has broken up.  The idea that the central government in Baghdad will reunite the country and restore order is now just a pipe dream.  Oil is spiking outside recent trading ranges as we speak; Iraq is responsible for over 10% of the oil OPEC supplies to the market.  This production will go the way of the dodo bird just as oil production in Libya has done. What price will oil have to go to ration demand by this amount?  Only God knows.  Go fill up your GAS tanks today.  This is GOOD NEWS for Vladimir PUTIN and RUSSIA!

The President ABANDONED IRAQ early in his administration and now all the US spent in BLOOD and treasure is GONE.  The same fate awaits the US in Afghanistan.  The very idea that the US has returned the most bloodthirsty and ruthless commanders of the Taliban to the battlefields in exchange for a DESERTER foretell hundreds if not thousands of deaths and casualties in the near future.   Americans are now targets for kidnapping as a result of this insanity.   He said it was because we leave NO MAN BEHIND.  To that I say what about Benghazi?  New information from a retired commander reveals troops were on alert in Germany, with transport at hand, 3 hours away and where told to STAND DOWN.The president has conducted the foreign and military affairs of the US in a political rather than practical manner since his inauguration, and PREDICTABLY the world is descending into CHAOS as a result.   If you think China or Russia is going to retreat you should reconsider. These challenges are set to continue.  You can predictably expect the president to retreat from them all.  As continued US military weakness unfolds you can expect the dollar to go right along with it.  THIS IS BIG NEWS; tattoo it to your brain.

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