May 5, 2023 0

Via State of the Nation Controlled Demolition In Progress of All Banks That Are Not TOO BIG TO FAIL But what exactly are the Khazarian banksters up to with this black operation? The short answer is […]


The Fourth Turning Tipping Point – TBP

April 5, 2023 0

by Jeff Thomas A Fourth Turning is a period in history when all the negative developments over a four-generation period reach a crescendo – a time when the sociopaths are the rulers and are putting the squeeze on […]


Chaos Is As Chaos Does – Kunstler

October 25, 2022 0

When this future becomes the present, that present will look obvious. It always does. And from that present, this past we are living in will look ridiculous…. — Curtis Yarvin It’s hard to escape the […]


All This and World War Too – Kunstler

June 22, 2022 0

…perhaps, you can see how the dangerous mischief of RussiaGate, Hillary Clinton’s spoofish punkery that Russia “interfered” in the 2016 election, mutated into a foreign policy psychosis…. For three decades, since the old Soviet Union […]

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