As Obama Claims Gun Violence Is Unique To U.S., 160 Are Massacred in Mexico

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So much for President Obama’s claim this morning that gun violence of the kind that horrified South Carolina Wednesday “doesn’t happen in other countries .”

This morning, Mexico’s Excelsior reported a massacre of 160 Central American migrants in two separate incidents. The migrants were machine-gunned and left for dead, with just 60 managing to flee for their lives.

One incident occurred in Sonora state near the Arizona border.

The other was in Veracruz state in Mexico’s south.

Both were likely the work of cartels operating Mexico — who settle disputes over cash (including people smuggling fees) and territorial passage with machine guns.

Obama did qualify his claim by saying the U.S. compared unfavorably with other “developed countries” on violence, but even that claim falls flat, given that Mexico is one of the few Latin American states that are full members of the OECD, a multilateral club of developed nations.

Telesur, a Venezuelan propaganda news site roughly comparable to al Jazeera, is the only news outlet that has reported the slaughters in English, perhaps because these killings are so common they aren’t even considered news:

But never mind that. The entire story blows the idea of gun violence being a uniquely American phenomenon out of the water.

Perhaps that’s because Obama has always had a problem recognizing American exceptionalism, except in the identification of problems. To him, it’s violence that makes America truly exceptional no matter what goes on elsewhere.

The only problem is, it’s not true.

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