At the Dawn of a Very Large War …

By Zine Larbaoui


Faced with crushing defeat suffered by the United States during their attempted manipulations in the Ukraine – still ongoing – and which earned them almost immediately, the loss of the Crimea to the great benefit of Russia, Washington strives to save the face and status of what once was the world’s leading power, and at the cost of a military escalation that does definitely not bode well.

Obama stubbornly seems confined to always apply the same tactic, which used to work for a time, a blunder well-known to military strategists who are taught from their initial training that the same tactic should never be used twice. Used to not encountering significant resistance, the U.S. president unwittingly placed its pawns, represented by the countries of the European Union, in charge of imposing economic sanctions against a country from which they depend for most of their energy needs. Machiavelli would turn over in his grave.

The Obama regime has simultaneously sent threats to Russia, aimed at antagonizing them further and its European NATO allies are expected, reluctantly no doubt, to support sanctions against Russia. This can only go wrong.

The Russian government has realized that participating in the U.S. dollar monetary system means that Russia’s economy is vulnerable to plunders by Western banks and corporations. Additionally, the ruble is open to speculative short-selling in the exchange markets and dependence on the western international payment system exposes Russia to arbitrary sanctions imposed by the “exceptional and indispensable empire.”

Vladimir Putin, a great chess player for his part, has wisely placed his strategic pieces on the board, damming in one hand the progress of his opponent, while developing alternatives from the siege that Washington’s lieutenants are trying to develop. Russia and China are not the greatest of friends, but they have in common the refusal to bow to the American hegemony and both nations are currently negotiating new trade agreements designed to advantageously   circumvent the economic embargo that Obama is attempting to impose.

Not only do these treaties benefit these two giant nations, but they will also – and this is where it gets funny – considerably hamper the already shaky U.S. economy. Adding icing on the cake, Russia and China also announced the coming decoupling from the U.S. Dollar, which means the end of the latter in a short term. This perspective is certainly gratifying, but it is certain that Obama can not let such a thing happen.

Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein also wanted to get out of the “petro-dollar” system, and we all know what happened to them…. But the fact that the White House wants to repeat this type of experience with Putin or Xi Jinping is very doubtful; those nations are not the weakling type that can be preyed on easily! Moreover, in addition to China, Russia has other friends, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, India, Vietnam, Syria, Iran and most of South America.

Another disturbing piece of information: China seems to be prepared for a major war, while admitting an alliance with North Korea which itself increased nuclear tests substantially, despite repeated warnings from Washington. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, meanwhile, seems to have a decidedly visceral hatred against the United States, showing the world his contempt several times and in case of an open conflict, he will certainly not be the last to enter headlong into the fray.

As you can see, the situation is a little more complex than that suggested by the official media, especially when you take into account the dire straits in which the western financial system is and the acute need for the elite to reprogram a “reset” that only a large war may provide the opportunity to install. Worse, it reveals that the direction, adopted by the foreign policy deciders of the American empire, follows a path whose outcome could be very dangerous.

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